How to Organize Teaching Resources: Part One

This summer I am hosting an organizational series here on the blog. Today I am sharing how I am beginning my journey of becoming the most organized version of myself ;). Right now I am focusing on organizing my Rooted in Reading units, but this post might give you some ideas even if you don’t use that specific curriculum. Click HERE for part two.

What Should I Use to Organize?

The first thing I did was decide how I wanted to store the curriculum. Did I want to use notebooks, baggies, tubs, etc.? I currently just throw everything into a large plastic tote and cross my fingers that it doesn’t get lost or ruined. It’s a mess, y’all! I decided to go with 12 x 12 IRIS tubs because they are stackable, not too thick, and fit an entire month of Rooted in Reading inside. You can find those HERE.

Rooted in Reading Organize 1

Creating Labels for Organization

The next thing I needed to decide was how I wanted to label the tubs. I decided to put a whole month into one box, so I created monthly labels for the tops and the sides. This way I can see which tub is which no matter where I decide to store them. Since there are 10 months in the curriculum, I used THIS paper.

Rooted in Reading Organize 4

Organizational Tools

Here are all of the materials that I used to create my Rooted in Reading bins. You can find all of the Amazon links below the image.

Rooted in Reading Organization

IRIS 12 x 12 Project Case (I bought two sets of 6)

Astrobrights Cardstock Paper

Packing Tape

Spring Action Scissors

Putting it Together

To secure the labels I used packing tape. You could laminate and use Velcro dots or try hot glue. I am going to tackle my other grade level units soon and try different methods. I’ll keep you posted.

Rooted in Reading Organize 3


You can see that I labeled every single side. This is NOT necessary. In fact, if I weren’t sharing here then I would NOT have done that. I just wanted to make sure that you had all the labels your little heart could ever want!

Rooted in Reading Organize 2

My chair is from Pottery Barn Teen. I got is as a mother’s day gift last year. My paper organizers are from Amazon. You can find those HERE.

Grab Your Labels Below

I have put all of the labels into one document so that you can organize right alongside of me! I have generic labels like you see in the pictures. I also have the labels with grade levels for Kinder, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. In Part Two, I’ll be sharing how I organize the inside of the tubs.

I hope that you enjoy my organizational series this summer. Click HERE for Part TWO. Want to save this blogpost? PIN the image below to your Pinterest boards!

organize 1

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  1. This is awesome! I am teaching fourth grade next year so I plan on adapting this to make it work.
    I have a request: I purchased your fourth grade place value and multiplication units. I would love to organize them in the Iris tubs. Can you make math labels too? I sure hope so!

    Thanks for all you do!

  2. I have tried several times to subscribe to the email list and am not getting the confirmation email (not even in my spam). Can you help me?

  3. I have tried 3 times to get the labels but nothing is sent my way–I tried two different email addresses?? Please help

      1. I am also organizing this summer! Your stuff looks amazing! Want to come to my house and help? Lol.

        Thanks for everything you do! Its magical!

  4. I am so excited to see how you organize your units! I just purchased my RIR for August and I have begun buying the books, so knowing tips on how to organize will be very helpful. I am having trouble signing up for your newsletter and freebies, I am really interested in the bulletin board/focus board freebie.

  5. Hey Amy…love all your work and a big fan!! Could you create labels for your math units for 2nd and 3rd? I only teach math and would love to organize each of the units in the plastic bins this summer so I too can better organize my math tools and units.

  6. Hi, Amy! I just saw a post that said you’re updating all of your Rooted in Reading products. I’ve used the products, absolutely LOVED them, and would love to help! I am a retired second-grade teacher now working as a freelance editor. I’d be THRILLED to be part of your team!

  7. Hi Amy,
    Two things…I subscribed but the monthly labels are not in my inbox or my spam. Also, I purchased the Rooted in Reading 2nd Grade last summer and I have not received the updates in my TpT account? Can you help?
    Thanks, Dianne