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Butterfly Life Cycle and Butterfly Reading Comprehension Activities for Spring with The Little Butterfly That Could



Are you looking for a spring-themed interactive read-aloud activities for Life Cycles and Butterflies? These BUTTERFLY lesson plans and activities will engage your learners and build confidence as a teacher. Use these reading comprehensiongrammarscience, and math lessons as SUB PLANS, or simply take a break from your standard curriculum and enjoy The Little Butterfly That Could!

Book Needed: The Little Butterfly That Could by Ross Burach

Do you need sub plans? Print the lesson plans and activities to leave for your substitute teacher. There are plenty of activities to fill their day!

Here’s What is Included in Rock The Read-Aloud for The Little Butterfly That Could

Reading Comprehension:

  • Lesson Plans for Before, During, and After Reading
  • Pre-reading journal writing to build upon schema with schema poster and Overcoming a Challenge
  • Book Questions for Before, During, and After Reading
  • Character Traits Poster 
  • 3 Character Trait Graphic Organizers
  • Characters Respond to Challenges Anchor Chart, Poster, and Printable
  • Directed Drawing of Butterfly with writing pages
  • Vocabulary Picture and Word Cards for 5 Vocabulary Words
  • Vocabulary Butterfly Printable

Science Integration:

  • Informational Text for Butterflies
  • Student Reader for Beautiful Butterflies (shortened version of nonfiction reader)
  • Life Cycle of a Butterfly Printables
  • Butterfly Fact Finding Graphic Organizer
  • Life Cycle of a Butterfly Craft and Writing

Butterfly and Whale Reader’s Theater

  • 4 Speaking Roles
  • Rhythmic Pattern for Reader Flow
  • Speaking Badges

Butterfly Themed Grammar Activities:

  • Focus Poster for Prepositions
  • Preposition Cards
  • Move the Butterfly with picture and sentences
  • Preposition Classroom Scoot
  • Preposition Printable

Butterfly Themed Math Activities:

*Each Math Activity has multiple options based on the needs of your students)

  • Pollinator Problems: Word Problems (5 options)
  • The Caterpillar Number Crawl: Place Value Caterpillar with different printing options and for 3 levels
  • Fluttering Through Place Value: Expanded Form and Even or Odd for either 2-Digit Numbers or 3-Digit Numbers (2 options)

*Writing Pages are included with different writing line options.


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