5 All About Me Activities to Welcome Students Back

All about me activities featuring printables, worksheets, crafts, and group games.

Educators are gearing up to create a welcoming and engaging classroom environment as a new school year approaches. All About Me activities are a great way to get to know your students while building a positive classroom culture that shows students they are valued and important.

These five engaging All About Me activities will build community while allowing students to share about themselves in creative and fun ways.

All About Me Morning Work

All about me printables or worksheets for the first day of school.

Starting the first day of school with All About Me morning work is a great way to ease students into the school day and use the information to learn more about them. These All About Me worksheets allow students to share their favorite things, hobbies, families, etc.

Students will not only be practicing their writing skills but also providing you with valuable insights into their interests!

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All About Me Backpack Craft

All about me backpack craft with personal fact cards.

Create a vibrant and cheerful classroom display after students make an All About Me Backpack craft. Students will pack their bags with a stack of cards detailing interesting facts about themselves! 

Putting each student’s All About Me backpack on a bulletin board in the classroom or hallway will show students that they are truly a part of your classroom community and you care about who they are. Plus, they can get to know one another by pulling out their fact cards and sharing their interests!

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All About Me Digital Slides {Freebie!}

Free All about me activities using digital slides to share student information.

Incorporating technology into your All About Me activities can be both exciting and educational.  Use these free digital slides as a unique way for students to share different aspects of their lives such as family, home, friends, and hobbies.

Make it a fun take-home project for them to complete with their family. This is a great way to integrate tech skills into your back-to-school activities. 

Encourage and practice public speaking skills by having students present their slides in class! Grab the free back-to-school activity below.

All About Me Group Puzzle

All about me puzzle for students to complete as a group for team building exercises.

Fostering teamwork and collaboration from the first day of school is crucial. This All About Me group puzzle is a fantastic way for students to work together at the start of the year and set a foundation for collaborative learning while getting to know one another. 

For this activity, each student is given a piece of a puzzle to decorate to represent themselves. Once everyone has completed their piece, the group assembles the puzzle. 

While assembling the puzzle, students introduce themselves to one another. The goal is to promote unity and demonstrate how each individual is a part of the classroom community.

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All About Me Self-Portraits

All about me student portrait directed drawing.

I love finding creative ways for students to share about themselves during the first week of school. Student self-portraits are another artistic way for students to express who they are. 

Alongside their drawings, students can write sentences about their interests, favorite activities, and something unique about themselves. 

Put these portraits on display throughout the classroom for everyone to admire!

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Don’t forget these All About Me Activities for the classroom. Save the image below for later!

All About Me Activity 6

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