3 Ways to Use Dry Erase Pockets in Math

Reasons to Use dry erase pockets in the classroom

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Ever since I can remember, I’ve been hunting for interactive ways to teach math. Whether it be hands-on activities or creative teaching tools, finding simple, quick, and effective methods for making math lessons more engaging (and easy on the teacher) has always been the goal. 

One solution I’ve found is getting creative with essential classroom items. And let me tell you, I’ve found a wonderful math companion in dry erase pockets! Yep. You heard that right. 

Dry-erase pockets may be just what you need to transform ordinary worksheets into meaningful classroom activities. From practicing addition and subtraction to tackling word problems, dry-erase pockets offer a hands-on approach to math. Here’s what I’ve found they can do for your classroom:

  1. Encourage active participation, as every student is working towards a common goal or an answer.
  2. Decrease paper usage by reusing work mats, worksheets, or activities to limit the number of copies you need to make from year to year!
  3. Reinforce key concepts as students use dry-erase pockets to demonstrate their understanding more than once. With just a quick wipe, students can solve a new problem or play a 2nd round of a game!

Using these benefits in action is easy, too. Here are three ways to use dry erase pockets during your math block.

Dry Erase Pockets and Word Problems 

Use dry erase pockets to practice solving word problems

There’s a lot of versatility in using dry erase pockets. They work wonders in allowing students to explore various strategies for solving word problems. 

Use dry erase pockets to cover word problem printables
Word Problem Printable featured in Magic of Math 1st Grade Math Bundle.

Some ways I’ve found for students to use them during word problem practice are:

  • To Demonstrate Understanding: Students can identify important information.
  • To Plan and Solve: Students can decide on a strategy to solve the problem through trial and error. With a quick wipe, they can try solving problems with a new strategy!
  • To Show Work: Using dry erase pockets as a work-mat will keep students’ work organized and give them the space they need to encourage them to show their work while solving.

These activities require minimal setup, too. Just grab your best dry erase pockets for the classroom, a set of expo markers, and a few poms to use as erasers (check out this expo marker eraser hack)!

Dry Erase Pockets with Playdough 

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We all know how messy playdough can be, but it is also a valuable tool in the classroom. Avoid the stress of getting playdough into all of those classroom nooks and crannies by using dry erase pockets when you crack out the playdough! 

Use dry erase pockets to hold playdough when using it in math class
Missing Number Mayhem Activity featured in Magic of Math 1st Grade Math Bundle.

You can use playdough to compose shapes, model fractions, solve equations, etc. The playdough won’t stick to the surface, making it quick to clean up!

Dry Erase Pockets with Partner Games 

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Do you find your students saying, “I’m done, now what?” Dry-erase pockets can limit the use of that phrase in the classroom when you integrate them into fun partner math games! 

Instead of having students write directly on their printables, add your activities to dry erase pockets so students can, “Wipe off and play again!” This also gives students more opportunities for mastery. I especially love to use dry erase pockets with some of my favorite place value partner games!

Use dry erase pocket as a game mat
Balance Expressions Partner Game featured in Magic of Math 1st Grade Math Bundle.

Bonus Tip: After introducing partner games, offer these activities as early finishers or place them in a math station. Once students know how to play the games, they can start independently! That’s a win-win in my book!

Don’t forget these benefits and ways to use dry erase pockets in the classroom, save the image below for later!

8 dry erase pocket activities 1

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