When: My First Week!

It’s the Thursday before school starts which means I have Meet the Teacher tonight.  I get to meet all those sweet faces that I’ll spend the next year with… I’m always nervous and excited at the same time.  There’s just something special about starting a new year!  I’m in my 9th year of teaching and I still feel like a –1st year, fresh out of college, I don’t know what in the world I’m doing–kind of teacher!  So, it’s crucial that I plan, plan, plan for that first week of school!  I hardly ever do the same thing/the same way during that first week.  So, today I’m linking up with Blog Hoppin’ to show you WHEN I plan to do things during that first week!  I’ve scoured Instagram and Pinterest to find new books, activities, and resources to use this year!  If you click on the plans it will take you to where I found the individual activities!
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My math plans are fairly similar to the past couple of years.  I really enjoy taking things slow and setting a good foundation with my students.  This year I want to warm-up doing number talks, skip counting, simple addition, and word problems.  Hopefully I’ll have enough time in the day!
And, here’s my daily schedule for WHEN I plan to do things throughout the day!  Keep in mind that I teach in a Dual Language classroom, so I have two groups of students that I teach Math and ELA to.  My teaching partner teaches Spanish Language Arts, Science, and SS in Spanish when she has them for the other half of their day!  I haven’t put the exact times that I will do Math Stations or Daily Five, because I try and just figure out my large chunks of time first!  I’ll get to the details once I know that my initial schedule works!
LOD= Language of the Day (either writing in Spanish or English)
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Sample a day of Rooted in Reading with these lesson plans and activities for Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Grammar!

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  1. I really enjoy reading about other teachers first week of school plans. I like how you have a memory book activity and read aloud planned for each day. That's interestingly have “meet the teacher” night BEFORE school starts. We don't have that here in California.

  2. We do ours like that as well and I have meet the teacher night tonight but school doesn't start till next Tuesday. One positive is that is keeps from having to feel overwhelmed by making and showing activities for an open house. Love everything you have going with your plans. Moving from first to second so I am a bit overwhelmed with it all right now, haha.

  3. I love the layout of your math block and I am starting math stations this year in my classroom too! I am so excited! I have a question…do you do a partner word problem warm up every day? What resources do you use for these?

    I was thinking about some sort of problem solving at the beginning of my math block every day and am curious as to what yours looks like!
    Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

  4. I wondered how you fit in all in, then I realized your kids are in school nearly an hour and a half longer than ours! Kids come in at 7:55am and go home at 2:05. Thanks for sharing your schedule!