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Now that we’ve introduced the 40 new books for our 2nd Edition of 2nd Grade Rooted in Reading to you, we want to take a moment and answer all of your burning questions! If you missed the book list, start HERE!

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Amy Lemons Rooted in Reading Books

Q: Why did you decide to create a new edition when you already have a 2nd grade version?

A: 2nd Grade Rooted in Reading was the first grade level reading resource that we created in 2015.  It is very near and dear to our hearts.  Katie and Amy both used this resource in their 2nd grade classrooms.  We love the books and poured so much time and energy into creating the resources.  After 7 years of focusing on making Rooted in Reading as high quality as possible, we wanted to revisit 2nd grade again.  We found highly engaging mentor texts that we know your students will love.  If you use our 1st edition of 2nd grade Rooted in Reading, please continue to do so, but we wanted to provide teachers with an alternate option.

Q: What is included in each week of Rooted in Reading (2nd Grade 2nd Edition)?

A: Weekly lesson plans and activities for Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Phonics.

Don’t forget that in one month of Rooted in Reading, we provide FOUR weeks of these resources.

Q: Are the lesson plan formats the same?

A: In all of our Rooted in Reading resources we include lesson plans for comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. The only difference in the 2nd edition of 2nd grade is each section has its own sheet of lesson plans.  The content and structure of each week follows the same format that we use throughout all of our Rooted in Reading resources.

Q: Will there be images provided for the vocabulary words?

A: Yes, each week we will focus on 5 vocabulary words.  There are picture cards with the word, picture, and definition.  There are also vocabulary prompts, printables, and an assessment.

rooted in reading vocabulary

{Picture vocabulary cards are already included in our Kindergarten and 1st grade resources.}

Q: Will the 2nd Edition include weekly phonics?

A: YES! There will be weekly phonics lesson plans, focus posters, and printables.

{Phonics is also already included in our Kindergarten and 1st grade resources.}

Q: Will phonics be added to the 1st edition of 2nd Grade Rooted in Reading (published in 2015)?

A: No, it will not be added to any previously listed resources. However, we did list the 2nd Grade Phonics on TpT so that it can be purchased separately. Find 2nd Grade Phonics HERE!

New Features of the 2nd Grade 2nd Edition of Rooted in Reading

1.  The fiction passage will relate back to the comprehension skill that is focused on for the week.

2. There is a quick 5 question assessment to go along with the nonfiction reader.

3. Vocabulary picture cards are included for each word.

4. Grammar will be skill based and not focused around a holiday or theme.  This will allow you to move the grammar skills around as you see fit.  For example:  If the focus is nouns, the noun activities will not have any holiday or book specific wording or clip art.

5. Phonics lesson plans, posters, and activities/printables will be provided each week.  These will not be seasonal/holiday specific either.  They can be moved around as you determine the needs of your classroom.

Q: Will the content that is included in the 2nd Edition be added to the 1st Edition of 2nd Grade Rooted in Reading (published in 2015)?

A: No, the 1st Edition of Rooted in Reading is complete.  No new additions will be added.  It was updated and edited in 2020.

Q: What if we already purchased the 1st Edition?  Can we receive a credit for the 2nd Edition?

A: The 2nd Edition is a completely new and different resource.  It must be purchased through Teachers Pay Teachers.

Q: What if we’ve already invested in the books and resources for the 1st Edition?

A: You can still continue to use the 1st Edition of Rooted in Reading.  Please don’t feel obligated to purchase the newest edition.

Q: Will you be releasing 2nd Editions of the other grade level resources?

A: Right now we are only focusing on the 2nd Edition of 2nd Grade.  We aren’t saying it will NEVER happen, we are just saying it won’t happen right now.

Q: Will there be a digital component of this resources?

This Rooted in Reading resource will be formatted similarly to our other yearly Rooted in Reading resources, so it will not have a digital component. We have found that the majority of 2nd grade teachers use mainly print resources in their classrooms.

Q: If we have the 1st edition and get the 2nd edition, can we use those together? As in, can we do one story from one edition and jump to another story in the other? Will they somewhat line up? 

A: We love the 1st edition too! The standards will NOT line up perfectly, but you can definitely use a mix of both sets! Take the overviews from both sets and see how you can best mix up books to fit the needs of your classroom.

Q: Will a bundle be available for purchase?

A: YES!  The 2nd Grade 2nd edition Bundle is now complete and is available for purchase! Click HERE to find it! 

Q: Where can we find the book list?

A: Click HERE to view the book list.

Q: Where can we find the year overview?

A: Click HERE to view the overview.  Standards will be added at a later date.


  1. Rooted in Reading can be a stand-alone reading curriculum for the classroom.  It can also be used as a supplement to what you are already using.  We know teachers that use it both ways!
  2. You do NOT have to use every single activity that we include.  We always suggest combing through the activities and picking/choosing what will best serve your students.
  3. Books and the activities can be moved around.  You do NOT have to teach these books in a certain order.  If we ever feel like an order is necessary, we will make note of that in the documents.
  4. You only need ONE copy of each picture book.  This picture book is meant to be read aloud and discussed with the whole class.
  5. Rooted in Reading addresses the standards by focusing on one or more comprehension standard each week.  We spiral skills throughout the year, and we do not teach the skills in isolation.

Rooted in Reading Research

Rooted in Reading is a curriculum that was created to enhance the Language Arts instruction in Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade classrooms. We began creating our Rooted in Reading units in the fall of 2015. Now we have over 19,675 classrooms that are using our curriculum.

Katie King and Amy Lemons have put together this document to share what Rooted in Reading is all about. We tell you WHAT it is, HOW it works, WHY we created it, the BENEFITS of using a read-aloud based curriculum, and WHO is using it. We surveyed 500 teachers that utilize the resources in their classroom. In this document you will read teacher testimonies, see pictures in action, and find answers to our survey.

Rooted in Reading Grade Levels

Kindergarten Rooted in Reading

1st Grade Rooted in Reading

2nd Grade Rooted in Reading (1st Edition)

2nd Grade Rooted in Reading (2nd Edition)

3rd Grade Rooted in Reading

Have a Question?

If you have any other questions, please leave them in the comments! We will continue to add to our list of FAQs. Want all of this in one document? Click HERE!

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Sample a day of Rooted in Reading with these lesson plans and activities for Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Grammar!

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    1. It will be a growing bundle with 2 months included at the initial posting date of April 5th. Since it is being created along with our 2nd edition, it will follow along with those dates throughout the year

  1. So excited for this! Will any individual titles be available for purchase (much like your “special edition” units)? It’s really beneficial to be able to choose a title or two from a month if possible! Love your resources!!

    1. Hi Jenny! More than likely not. Over the years it has brought more confusion than clarity when we do that!

  2. Will the grammar sections be able to be purchased separately, like the phonics?

    1. Right now, we only have the phonics section available separately. If that changes, we will keep everyone updated for sure!

  3. New to Rooted in Reading but considering purchasing it for our 2nd grade curriculum. Are all Reading/ELA TEKS covered if you follow the scope and sequence from beginning to end?