Open House 2015

Well hello there!  It’s Sunday.  The sun is shining.  A nap is in my *very* near future.  I’ve got my pup laying at my feet.  My daughter is reading aloud.  Church was amazing and convicting this morning.  Life is good!
Last week we had our 2nd Grade Open House and Music Program on Tuesday night.  I’ve been gathering student work for what seems like months now.  I was happy to get rid of mounds of student work, plus it’s always to fun to watch kids show off their hard work to their parents!  When I taught first grade we would do more of a theme night… and our work would all revolve around one topic.  Since moving to 2nd, I’ve done more of a mod-podge of concepts and skills.  I’m going to take you on a little tour of every.single.thing we had up around our room.  Also, most of these things I have blogged about before, so rather than explaining everything again, I will just give you links to blog posts with lots of details!  AND, if I don’t know where something is from it’s because my teaching partner did lots of the cute stuff in her class 🙂
Math Board:  Fraction Sundaes turned 3-Digit Addition With Regrouping Sundaes!
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Bulletin Board behind my teacher table (wrapping paper stapled to the wall):  Chocolate Fever reading responses
Writing Board:  Our fable writing!
Cabinets:  I printed pictures from throughout the year and hot-glued them to the front of my cabinet doors 🙂  They look so sweet under the welcome banner!  This idea came from an ah-ha moment I had at the Ron Clark Academy!  Put pictures of the kids up in the classroom/school and they will be excited about walking in the doors!
Desks:  Biography bottle projects (done in Spanish class), Salt-Dough Landforms (done in Spanish class), Book Report booklets, and we made a big envelope to house all other work!
Social Studies Board:  Leprechauns made in Spanish class (from Stephanie Stewart)
Officer Buckle reading responses made in Spanish class!
Hallway Display:  Chocolate Fever Fun!
And here is a peek from my door into my classroom!  Lots of stuff going on, but we had a lot to show off 🙂
Now that Open House is over I’m excited to have my clean classroom back, ha!  I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and we can just enjoy our day-to-day life in 2nd grade :))

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  1. All of these projects and activities look amazing! Kudos to you for always making learning interactive and fun. I was wondering where can I find the Officer Buckle craft? That is one of my absolute favorite books!

  2. LOVE all your pictures! I love that it's all great quality work displayed. You can tell you and your students put a lot of work into all of them, and not just something just quickly made to “look good.”

    Throughout the year I always make sure our class creates 1-2 products per subject during each month. It was surprisingly easy enough to do and the students loved seeing and sharing their work. 🙂

    Fishing for Education Blog

  3. Girl, you did it again! MORE great ideas that I am constantly getting from you! I love the picture idea…why haven't I done this yet? It looks like I will be sorting through my pictures to print in the very near future! Your open house looks amazing…I bet your parents are so thankful!!!
    Mrs. Olson’s Lucky Little Learners