More Mudge and Place Value!

It is 4:00 in the afternoon and I am laying in my bed… why?!!  PURE EXHAUSTION!  The hubs took Joelle golfing, so I have a few moments to blog and then nap πŸ™‚  So, I’m going to do this speedy quick, because, let’s face… now that I have a 4 year old, naps are hard to come by after work!
I am pretty sure that my kids would be perfectly content if we just read Henry and Mudge books for the rest of the school year, ha!  They seriously LOVE Mudge to pieces.  One more reason I love 2nd grade… they fall in love with reading and so enjoy studying authors, series, etc!  Today we made an anchor chart to describe Mudge.  I actually made this chart last year and never used it!  Since I see two classes, I just used sticky notes to write the adjectives that my students called out.
After we brainstormed LOTS of describing words, we went back and put stickers on the “juicier” words.  We’ve been talking about strong words and expanding our vocabulary almost everyday, so they are able to recognize juicy words pretty well now!
Then it was time to make our Mudges!  I hung the writing activity and chart on the inside of our door so that we could continue to refer to our describing words in class!
I just love these little guys!  You can find the templates for this craft in my A Boy and His Dog Unit!
In math, the place value continues!  This idea comes from First Grade School Box.  I gave the students index cards cut in half to label their HTO chart, place value block printables from my Number Knowledge unit, and then they came up with their own 3-digit number to make!
 We also used our place value blocks for an activity in our math spirals.   Each student is in the process of making their name and counting the value.  I’m the only one who finished today, ha!
 And, one last thing… my students love working with my place value dice/di.  This activity comes from Kim Sutton, and it’s a hit every year!
Now I’m off to take a nap!  Tomorrow is Friday and Homecoming in my small town, so I better rest up!  Happy Thursday, friends!

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  1. I love your ideas and use so many of them in my class. Thanks so much for always sharing. Do you have the template for the Place Value Dice game? Thanks so much!!

  2. I too went home and lay down – I actually fell asleep for a solid hour! I stopped by to find a link to your back to school math project to put in my blog (I loved the mathematicians… activity!) and saw the Henry and Mudge stuff! Love it!