Making the transition to remote learning in 2020 was probably one of the more difficult transitions for teachers to make and I know that for some of you, you are just scratching the surface!  I had to make a huge pivot in my business as well and I began the journey into creating digital activities that would not only hit standards but were also fun and engaging.  I wanted to ensure teachers wouldn’t miss a beat in their transition from the classroom to the “home” room!  Along the way, I wanted to do my part to help as much as possible so I created a TON of free digital activities!  I decided to compile them all for you here so you can have these at your disposal, and since I have SO many, this will be a two-part series so stay tuned.

First, I want to let you know just what you are getting then I’ve added the download option at the end of this post!

Digital Activity for Counting Coins Freebie

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If you will be practicing money with your students, grab this free digital activity! Students will compare sets of coins to determine which is less than or greater than. If you need even more digital coin practice, you can grab the full set of digital activities for counting coins right HERE.

Digital Activity for Making Predictions Freebie

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Making predictions is a great way to get students thinking about meanings and context clues! With this freebie, you’ll have access to a digital anchor chart to complete as a class, a digital making predictions activity for students to complete on their own, and digital exit tickets to see what they know to round it all up! This one is an accompaniment to our Digital Reading Toolkits which offer digital reading activities for any text! You can learn more about those right HERE.

Digital Activity for Adverbs


This freebie includes an activity and a tutorial! In THIS post, I am showing you how I made this interactive, digital activity so you can try it for yourself AND you can download the freebie to add to your Seesaw or Google Classroom below. With “Am I An Adverb?”, students will determine if the highlighted word is an adverb by moving ‘yes’ or ‘no’ into the slot!

Digital Activity for Fractions

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In 2020, I decided to take some of my existing units and transition them to a digital format so they would be both printable AND digital! I have added a ton more since writing this post all about them, but this Scoopin’ Up Fractions activity was a fave! So cute! Whether you go digital or print, students will have some fun fraction review –identifying, sorting, and even topping their own “fraction” cones! 

Digital Activity for Adjectives

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Last, but certainly not least, this free digital activity will have students identifying adjectives in no time! They read the description, determine if the highlighted word is an adjective, choose yes or no and voila! Simple but effective. If you find that you simply love this adjective activity and need even more robust digital activities for grammar, then you can check out my full selection right HERE

You can grab all FIVE of these freebies, right here! I hope you and your students truly enjoy them and it takes a little bit of the stress off your “digital” plate! If you need even more digital resources, have a look around the At Home Learning section of my site!

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