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Reading Toolkits with a FREEBIE

**Updated on September 9th: The subscription has closed. To find the resources mentioned in this blog post, click HERE!

I’ve got a very special reading activity FREEBIE for you on this Friday! But first…

This week Katie and I released Rooted in Reading: The Subscription! Let me briefly tell you what it’s all about.

We wanted to create a space where we can share digital and printable teaching resources at a discounted price. So, we did just that!

What is included in the subscription?

Here’s a brief look at what is included in just ONE month!

Comprehension Reading Toolkit

Each month (for 10 months) we will be adding a new Reading Toolkit that is full of digital and printable reading activities for your class. These activities are BRAND NEW and are not found in any of our other resources. The best part?! They can be used with ANY book! That’s right… the activities are NOT book specific! Every month we will release a toolkit for a new comprehension skill. This month we focused on making predictions and synthesizing.

BONUS Teaching Resources

We also provide a fun SURPRISE every month by adding a special BONUS teaching resource. These digital and printable reading activities are BRAND NEW and will vary from month to month. This month we added digital and printable book questions that can be used with any book!

Plus even more!

As a little thank you gift, we also include a Special Edition of Rooted in Reading. These printable reading units are the only portion of the subscription that have been previously released. By the end of the subscription you will have 10 new weeks of Reading, Vocabulary, and Grammar instruction.

You can get ALL THE SCOOP by clicking HERE. That website will share all of the subscription previews, a video introduction, and an FAQ document.

FREE Making Predictions Activities

Now let’s talk about that FREEBIE. I created a very special set of reading activities to show you just what type of materials we provide in our subscription. Even if you are already a member, download these! You’ll have three additional activities for your classroom.

FREE Digital Anchor Chart

First up, a digital anchor chart to use with Making Predictions. This digital anchor chart can be displayed through the projector or you can share it on your screen while you are teaching virtually. You create the anchor chart as a class. Then you add student responses on the sticky notes. For this specific chart students are making predictions throughout the reading of a text.

3 1

FREE Making Predictions Assignment

Next, you’ll receive a digital Making Predictions activity. Students follow the questions on the slides. They will watch a read-aloud and pause throughout to make predictions.

2 2

FREE Making Predictions Exit Tickets

Last, you’ll get two exit tickets for making predictions. Students look at the picture or read the question and type to respond with their answer.

4 1
reading toolkit


In this document you will find links to upload this to Google Classroom and/or Seesaw! I hope that is helpful for you!

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    I hope you enjoy using that with your students! Have a wonderful weekend!

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    Sample a day of Rooted in Reading with these lesson plans and activities for Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Grammar!

    9 Responses

    1. I really want to subscribe to this program, but when I try to purchase, it says my email address in invalid!! HELP!

    2. My co teachers each purchase the 2nd grade rooted in reading bundle off of tpt. If I purchase the subscription, will the materials be similar to what they have purchased? We are all supposed to be onbthe same page so I am trying to decide if I need to purchase the bundle from tpt or if I can purchase the subscription.

      1. Hi Hilary! The bundle and subscription are separate and different resources. They will not be the same.

        Hope this helps!

    3. When I click on learn more for the subscription, it says it is closed. Is it still possible to subscribe? Our district is partially digital, and this would be a great resource to use. We have the print materials, but would like the digital as well! Thanks so much!

      1. Hi Tanya! The subscription is now closed but the materials will be added to TPT at a later date, so stay tuned!

    4. Hello! I am just coming across these awesome resources now. I use your 1st Grade Rooted in Reading and absolutely love it!!! I would love these resources to help with online teaching this year but see that the subscription is closed Will you ever offer it again?