FREE Digital Activity Round-Up: Set Two

As promised, I have another set of FREE digital activities for distance/virtual/remote learning to share with you! These range from grammar to STEM to math! (If you missed the first set, grab those here.) I wanted to ensure that I created a variety of activities for various skills and subjects to cover so you would know just what you are getting into and you had a few options for adding to your instruction. Utilizing these activities would be a great way to sample our resources, in case you’re looking for more expansive digital activities to incorporate into your classroom.

All of these activities are geared toward elementary students and can be used for Google classroom and/or Seesaw! First, I’ll give you a breakdown of what’s included plus a few suggestions for pairing them, then you can download all of these freebies at the bottom of this post!

Digital Activity for Nouns

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Similar to our digital adjective activity, students will identify whether the words/image are in fact a noun by highlighting the yes or no!  Learn more about this freebie right here or you can find additional digital noun activities in our Digital Grammar Bundle.


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I had a blast creating this resource last year when my son was learning about states of matter! We made a full day of it ⸺ making our own applesauce, talking about how the apples changed from solid to “liquid” and then he completed some fun apple-themed word problems along with this freebie for sorting objects into solids, liquids, and gases! You can check out more details about our day right here!


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This digital math activity is labeled for the Fall, but it can really be used at any season! Students will solve 2-digit addition and subtraction problems without regrouping by moving the pumpkin to highlight the correct answer! I loved pairing this one with other fun Fall-themed activities like our Solve to Create a Pumpkin digital resource!



If you’re looking for a digital activity to keep your students engaged in learning verbs, then you can take this freebie for a test run! Using the image and highlighted word, students will decide if it is a verb or not and move the yellow dot over to highlight their answer! If you find that you just love this verb activity, there’s more where it came from….right here!


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This is probably one of my FAVORITE free digital activities to share with you! Have you ever read Harrison P. Spader Personal Space Invader by Christianne Jones? Such a fun story with a great lesson about personal space, something I am sure we are all (possibly involuntarily) trying to get a lot of these days! Well, last year I put my kids to work (ha! kidding!) and they recorded this read-aloud and helped to create the free digital activity to go along with it, including a directed drawing and reading response. You can find the video and more details right here!

I hope you get a great run out of these free digital activities for remote learning and of course, if you’re in need of even more digital activity inspiration for your classroom or “Home” room, you can check out the at-home learning section of my blog or head over here to see what we have available!

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