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Teaching during a global pandemic is bound to be more than stressful. Will you be teaching in the classroom? Will you be teaching from home? Will your students be with you or will they be at home? Or maybe there will be a hybrid of both? There are so many unanswered questions.

One thing I want to do is be a resource for teachers. I want to save you TIME and ENERGY during this very stressful season.

With that in mind, I have continued to make digital teaching resources that can be used in the classroom or through distance learning. My newest resource includes digital activities for nouns.


Students identify, sort, and use nouns in the four activities. You can see all of the noun activities in action by clicking below!

Interactive Digital Activities for Nouns

For a better look, click HERE!

Am I a Noun?

If you are unsure if these can be used for your learning situation, I have created a FREE Noun Activity for you. Download it, give it a try, and see if it works with your learning platform.

In this FREEBIE, students identify whether the word/picture shown is a noun or not. Students move the yellow circle to cover the correct answer.

nouns digital activity

Grab Your FREE Noun Activity

In this document you will find links to upload this to Google Classroom and/or Seesaw! I hope that is helpful for you!

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