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Well hello there, friends!  Sorry for the absence this week… soccer season started for our little one, plus lots of birthday parties, family gatherings, and the such… all of which have kept my family very busy!
But, I’m back and here to share some fun measurement activities with you.
I love using Hope King’s Measurement unit each year.  The activities are hands-on and very engaging!  No one knows how to engage students quite like Hope!  We read “Inch By Inch” and made our own animals to measure in inches.  This was the opening activity to our measuring unit πŸ™‚
 Of course I always love kid art and seeing their unique little personalities shine through their work!
 The next day we completed another engaging activity from Hope’s unit.  We read “How Big is a Foot?” and worked in cooperative groups to make beds for the queen.
 It was so funny to see the groups with little feet try and make theirs larger or look at it like, “ummm this isn’t right!!”  We had great a great conversation about the benefits in measuring with standard units.  Only a few of my groups got really creative with this.  I love how these two groups even drew the queen in bed!  The purple one says, “Keep Calm and Boss On!” on the blanket… so cute!
 I was thrilled to pieces when I saw that Alisha posted this measuring activity on Instagram.  She used First Grade Blue Skies’ Bunny Directed Drawing to practice measuring with a ruler.  So, we did the same today!  Such a fun way to incorporate the holidays, a little art, and math!!!  You can get her measurement printable HERE πŸ™‚
 Jennifer’s Directed Drawings have become some of my favorite activities!
Only one more day and then PTL for a long weekend!  This tired teacher/mama needs some rest!!!

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  1. Hi Amy,
    I love this idea and we just started our measurement unit. The link to the measuring sheet doesn't match the one in the pictures on your bunnies. The linkjed one measures height and width. Where can I get the one you used?

  2. What–no soccer pics? πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing your activities. Hope's unit is now on my TPT wishlist. I needed this boost of motivation to get me going on the 4th quarter, coming back after spring break. So cute!

  3. I was wondering if you could tell me how you organized the kids making beds for the queen? I really like this activity. I think I see they all have different size feet and different size “beds” to work with. What was the lesson??