Easy to Prep Bulletin Board Ideas plus a FREEBIE!

Is your school back in session? We have certainly kicked things off here in Texas! And since I have 3 close family members who are teachers near me, I have spent the past few weeks creating and putting up new bulletin boards for their classroom! It’s been tons of fun because I truly do LOVE creating bulletin boards and coming up with inspirational, fun, and creative slogans to keep the students, teachers, and staff pumped for the school year. But I know that it isn’t always fun for teachers, so I thought I would pop in with some fun bulletin board ideas as you head back to school and a FREEBIE board to get you started!l

Today is a Great Day

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Every day won’t be perfect, but we can certainly try! Use this bulletin board to inspire your students and fellow teachers to go through each day with a positive outlook. These boards are super versatile and can be used in the classroom, hallway, office, or teachers’ lounge!

You can find this board right HERE!

Better Together

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There’s nothing we can’t accomplish when we all come together as a team! Make sure your students never forget that with this easy to print bulletin board idea. For this bright and colorful look, simply use colored paper. It always prints in black and white because we do not have time for the colored ink expense!

You can grab this board right HERE!

Our School is Better

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Letting the students around you know just how special they are is so important and this bulletin board surely gets the message across all year long! What I love most about these boards is that they are so versatile and can be used with any color scheme or classroom theme.

You can snag this board right HERE!

Kickin’ it in Second Grade

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Any football fans out there? This board is so fun and a great addition in the Fall (or any time of year!) `You could even switch out the footballs for soccer balls! While I don’t have this one in my shop,  you can give it a go with a little DIY.  I actually created a video tutorial a while back on how to create your own bulletin board letters. You can test it out with the tutorial videos HERE and HERE!

Make Today Count Bulletin Board FREEBIE

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Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. I’ve got a FREE bulletin board template you can use right away in your classroom! Super simple, but also super cute. Hang this bulletin board anywhere you need a little extra boost of inspiration around the classroom or school! Just customize your paper to fit your theme! You can get this FREEBIE below.

I hope these bulletin board ideas have inspired you to get your classroom ready for endless learning. You can find even more ideas by checking out the bulletin board section of my TPT shop HERE.

Grab Your FREE Bulletin Board Template!

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