Draw a Gingerbread Boy and Girl!

The other night Joelle asked if we could draw together.  She says this often, so I’m always trying to think of new things for us to create together.  Since we have Christmas decor all over our house it only made since to make something festive!  We decided to draw a gingerbread boy and girl to send to her grandparents as a Christmas card.  I thought you might like this for your students to make before the holiday break, so I’m going to share the instructions with you!
To make the girl:
1.  Draw a circle at the top of the page.
2.  Draw the outfit and arms/legs.
3.  Add the icing squiggles to the head, arms, and legs.
4.  Draw the dress details and the bow.
5.  Draw the face.
To make the boy:
1.  Draw a circle at the top of the page for the head.
2.  Draw the outfit and arms/legs.
3.  Draw the icing squiggles on the head, arms, and legs.
4.  Draw the outfit details.
5.  Draw the face.
I sure do love drawing with my little second grader.  Sometimes I put off her requests until she forgets about it, but I never regret it when I actually take the time to sit down and complete an activity with her!  I just know her KK and Poppy will love getting these in the mail!

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3 Responses

  1. So cute. I'm pretty sure second graders and can draw better than I can though. Mine would look like a stick version gingerbread man. I'm sure her grandparents will cherish those!

  2. Love all of your directed drawings. They have truly made me a better artist and I have learned to break apart pictures and/or characters so I can do my own with my students and the various characters in our anthologies.