Comparing Numbers and Number Lines!

Hey guys!  This week in math we are all about numbers!  We are comparing numbers, ordering numbers, skip counting, and looking at number lines with number patterns!  Phew, that makes for one busy week!  Today we did a little review of comparing numbers using candy corn.  I must say, my kiddos absolute ATE this one up!!!
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We used Kim Sutton’s Random Numbers CD to get our numbers.  My students LOVE dancing along as they write down the numbers needed!  Here’s a little video of that in action:
Here’s a look at how we got our math spirals ready for the activity:
 But, just in case you want a recording sheet, I’ve made this as a FREEBIE for you!
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Now let’s take a little look at what we’ve been doing with number patterns and number lines.  We have been using the Skip Counting GoNoodle to get our blood pumpin’ and brains ready!
 We’ve also been playing Guess My Number as a class.  You can grab that and read all about it HERE!
 We needed to look at larger numbers and skip counting patterns, so Sticky Note Cover-Up was our next game to play!  We identified the skip counting pattern, wrote the missing numbers on our white boards, and then checked our work by counting together.
 After all those whole group activities it was time for my kiddos to put into practice what we had been learning.  The Number Line Spin was the perfect ending to our day!  I was able to walk around and see right off the bat who was understanding number patterns and who needed a little bit more help.  Sometimes we let those pesky large numbers fool us when really they follow the same skip counting patterns that we have been chanting since Kinder!
Well, that’s a lot of learning, folks!  It’s time for bed!!!

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  1. The candy corn is a great idea! I can't wait to do this activity with my second graders. Thank you for including the links to all of the CD's and worksheets. I think this lesson will connect the dots for them that learning can be fun and educational at the same time.