Author’s Purpose

Do you get excited about teaching author’s purpose?!  Well, I normally don’t because I just don’t have a ton of tricks up my sleeves or resources for it on hand.  However, this year I vowed to do things differently.  We’ve been talking a lot about the Author’s Purpose throughout the year, but we really needed to hit PERSUADE this week in a big way.  
So, I took out my handy-dandy charts from last year  (PTL I saved those puppies!!)
 And, we got to work!  We made Author’s Purpose pencils…. because authors use pencils, of course!  I actually used THIS freebie that I have in my shop.  I just cut the yellow paper myself so it could be a tad longer!  And, the flap-ups are from THIS unit!
 I gave my students THIS paper to cut/sort under the flaps. (side-note, I haven’t checked for errors, so print at your own risk!).  Then, I gave each table several books.  They recorded the titles underneath the correct flap… easy peasy!!!
These definitely added a little spunk to my door!
 I get asked about wall space A LOT!  I hang stuff up every place I can find… including the inside and outside of my door.  Very little of my room is pre-decorated because I always leave tons of room for student work.  I wanted these to be at eye-level so my students can refer to them throughout the week!
You can grab the pencil FREEBIE here, sentences to sort HERE, and flap-ups HERE!
Hope you have a blessed week!!!

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  1. Not sure if your school has a large laminator or not, but I love keeping my anchor charts to use from year to year also. We are fortunate enough to have a nice, large laminator. I laminate all of my anchor charts that I reuse each year and it makes them last so much longer. Yours are so beautiful! If I could draw like that I'd definitely want to make them last as long as possible.

    Brandy Withers
    Firstie Kidoodles

  2. Two things:

    1. Have you seen Hope King's free lesson on Author's Purpose with the PIE anchor charts? Uh-mazing!! The kids love it and the learning sticks with them.

    2. Do you have a “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Be thankful” pennant banner? I am in love with the other holiday ones you have created but am looking for one for the month of November. Thanks!!