6 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

5 Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids or students.

Last week, I went a little Valentine’s Day crazy and ordered a plethora of kid-friendly gifts! I really wanted to share some new Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids and I was going to let my son pick his favorite to hand out at school. 

Needless to say, he decided he was NOT interested in using any of the cutesy gifts I made (gotta love 4th graders – ha!) so I’ll be shipping these lovely items off to some well-deserving teachers!

But before I send these Valentine’s day gifts on their way, I want to share these 5 gift ideas you could give to your students or kids. I think we could all use a little refresher from time to time and these Valentine’s day gift ideas will satisfy even your pickiest little one.

Plus, I only aimed for gifts that could be purchased in bulk and at an affordable price. I’ve included a variety of options and you’ll find access to several FREE Valentine’s Day gift tags below! 

{BTW: Amazon affiliate links have been used throughout this post. I only share items I use and love!}

Valentine’s Day Hashtag Blocks

Have you seen the hashtag building blocks in the Target “Dollar Spot.” I know they changed the name to Bullseye’s Playground, but I think I will forever refer to it as the Dollar Spot even though the prices now vary!

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These hashtag blocks make for great little STEM gifts for students. Run to your local Target to see if they have any in stock. Depending on the time of year, you can find the blocks in a variety of colors. The red, pink, and white ones make for a perfect little Valentine’s Day gift. I made a tag that says, “You are a Special Piece of Our Class.” You can grab that tag (and all of the others shown in this post) below!

Valentine’s Day Heart Pens

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Sometimes the simplest things make the cutest gifts…like these heart pens! Most kids I know LOVE funky pens, pencils, and markers. The heart at the top of these makes them perfect for Valentine’s Day. 

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I created a pen holder tag that can be used to hold these cuties in place while sending a simple V-Day greeting, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” Just cut along the solid black line and stick your pens inside. 

If you’d prefer some variety, you could mix it with other cool shapes like animals! I got the heart pens from Amazon which you can find here.

Squish Toy Valentine’s Day Gift

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Squishy toys are in! Beyond their stress-relieving abilities, these squishy stress balls are perfect for the busy little hands of elementary students. Kids are known to be a little touchy-feely so instead of them leaving their handprints plastered all over the classroom, they can put their hands on these cuties.

Here’s how they look all put together with the tags, which you can grab in the FREEBIE download below.

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I just couldn’t resist the heart shape and smiley face on these. They are small too, so just perfect for little hands. And they are inexpensive, which is important when you’re purchasing for a group of students.

You can find Valentine’s squishes in bulk on Amazon. I placed them inside little plastic gift bags and adorned them with the cutest heart ribbon, which you can find HERE.

Friendship Bracelets

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Friendship bracelets are a childhood favorite. I certainly remember exchanging a few of mine as a small child. These bracelets make the perfect student gifts to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s day is catered to showing others you care about them and what better way to do that than with a bracelet that symbolizes the friendship you share?

I kept this super simple using a heart-shaped tag with the sweetest little message/poem.

“Give it a little twist
around your wrist. 
Upon your arm it will stay 
to remind you of this 
Valentine’s Day!”

You can find these hand-woven friendship bracelets I used on Amazon right HERE or you can use other creative bracelets that suit your classroom. And of course, you’ll be able to grab this tag in the download below!

Heart-Shaped Keychains

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According to my little one, pop-its are still in! I love the cool shape of these heart pop-it toys. They add flair! 

These pop-its double as key chains, so they serve two purposes: A fun toy for the kids and a cool accessory for their bookbags. And let’s be honest, if it weren’t for the keychain style, they would certainly lose them, ha!

You can find these Heart shaped pop-it keychains on Amazon HERE

I kept the heart theme going and paired them with a cute heart gift tag! I simply added the keychains to a little clear bag and stapled the tag right on top. Easy-peasy!

Valentine’s Day Pop-it Bracelets

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“I hope your Valentine’s Day is Poppin’!” Last year, I came up with that message and it is probably one of my favorite gift tags to date! 

Of course, if I want their Valentine’s Day to POP then the gift must fit the bill. These pop-it bracelets do not disappoint! When I saw THESE on Amazon, I just knew I had to have them.

But you could use any pop-it bracelets that you feel better suits your classroom. I love the bracelet style because it makes it easy for kids to keep up with them and have them accessible for when they may be feeling a little anxious! 

With Spring testing coming up, they could surely use something to help calm their nerves. Pop-its are great stress relievers and kids love them! It’s a no-brainer and they are inexpensive, too.

To get these ready to distribute, simply use some ribbon to tie the gift tag to the bracelet, and voila! I got my ribbon from Amazon right HERE but whatever you have should work.

{Looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for your kids at home? Check out THIS post for Valentine’s Day gift basket ideas!}

Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

Whichever one of these inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts for kids you choose, you’ll want to have a cute tag to pair alongside it. They just make everything come together! 

You can have all 6 of the FREEBIE Valentine’s Day gift tags mentioned in this post!

Don’t want to forget these 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids? Save the image below for later!

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