Valentine Gift Baskets for Kids

Does your family give Valentine’s Day gifts? I know it’s VERY unnecessary, but we love giving gifts around here. I also love Valentine’s Day and celebrating the love that we all have for each other… it may be cheesy, but, hey, that’s me! Last year I shared our valentine baskets with you, so I thought I would do it again this year. I also thought it might be helpful if you have birthday gifts to buy or maybe even save some of the ideas for an Easter basket! This also shows what both of my kids are into currently. To save a little bit of money, I reused the baskets and basket filler from last year.

Valentine’s Gifts for Girls

Joelle is 12 years old and in middle school this year. She’s into music, reading, simple jewelry, and anything comfy-cozy! Her Valentine’s Day basket definitely showcases all of her interests!

valentines day gift basket 2

Basket / Basket Filler / Heart Tags

Here’s a breakdown of all the items we included in Joelle’s basket.

Valentine Gift Girls
  1. Speaker Clip – Joelle LOVES listening to music. I got her this speaker so she can have music-on-the-go
  2. Protected Speaker Case – This case goes with the clip-on speaker. I’m sure she will take it to the beach, so I wanted it to be protected!
  3. Lunar Chronicles Series – Joelle read the first story in this series. I bought her the books she hasn’t read from it! For more of Joelle’s favorite books, click HERE!
  4. Pura Vida Heart Bracelet – She loves these simple bracelets
  5. Fuzzy Sandals – We are obsessed with cozy shoes and this periwinkle color!
  6. Pink Metal Watch Band – Joelle really loves these watch bands, so I grabbed her the pink one!
  7. Simple Modern Minnie Cup – I love my SM cup, so I grabbed this precious Minnie one for Jo!
  8. Silicone Bracelet – I thought this ring was just too cute. I got it to go with her airpods case.
  9. Airpods Case – We love these simple silicone cases for our airpods

Valentine’s Gifts for Boys

Israel is 9 and in 3rd grade. He loves superheroes, books, Legos, and basically any and every toy! I don’t know if you have a son or not, but I have found that boys are constantly busy. He is always bouncing a ball, having superhero brawls, reading, or developing some sort of epic battle scene. So, his basket includes just a little of all of his interests. Plus, how cool are these superhero pop-its?!

valentines day gift basket 1

Basket / Basket Filler / Heart Tags

Here’s a breakdown of all the items we included in Israel’s basket.

Valentine Gifts Boys
  1. Superhero Pop Its – Superheroes PLUS pop-its?! Yes, please!
  2. Yeti Files – Israel reads NONSTOP so I had to grab him a couple of new books!
  3. Super Potato – For more of Israel’s favorite books click HERE!
  4. Lego Astronaut – I love these little Lego bags for stockings and smaller gifts
  5. Basketball Guys – Israel has the football set and he loves it, so I grabbed the basketball one for him as well! I couldn’t fit it inside of the basket, so I’ll just set it to the side.
  6. Secret Safe – Israel is always trying to hide his money, so I thought this money holder that is disguised as a can of food would be perfect for him!
  7. Action Figure– This guy was on his Christmas list, but we forgot it, so we added it to his basekt!
  8. Fidget Toys – These little guys look like so much fun!
  9. Simple Modern Mandalorian Cup – We love the Mandalorian, so I had to grab this cup!

I had so much fun putting these together! Now to hide these baskets until the holiday arrives 😉

valentines Gift Baskets for Kids

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  1. Super awesome!! Is the can m, a little safe keep for money etc? Totally getting the Marvel pop its!!

  2. These are awesome for you kids! I want to see your husband’s basket!! I always struggle with the perfect Valentine gifts for my favorite Valentine…