Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Do you give Valentine’s Day gifts to your kids? I know it is totally not necessary, but we always give our kids something each year. Mostly because our family is really into gift-giving and of course, we want to show the kids how much we love them every chance we get. It started with little knick-knacks like cute pajamas, but as they have gotten older, it has become more clear that they may want more robust gift options to keep them entertained.

Well this year, I decided to focus our efforts on gifting the kids things they actually need and will enjoy! I wanted to share the Valentine’s Day gift baskets we made for them and I will include links to everything as well, just in case you are looking for some inspiration for the little one in your life!

V-Day Gift Basket for Tween Girls

temMF0YAm5tBcH8Hf2n6xrjwPChJvhudKfIItjVGaCUpTc L7ZK5gVqchwIqiPJwv4M5u9ztXjQgtxmcxgRov tjZvpctzilxfmkgpdySy3 KLrk5WWUNZej81KcLhqSnQ3Yoa6Joelle is officially in the tween years, so it definitely took some creativity getting Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her!  But I just focused my efforts on things she already enjoys or things that could use an upgrade, like her watch band and new books.  Since the kids have to bring a water bottle to school each day, we thought it would be a great idea to give them options. Here’s a closer look at Joelle’s basket.

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Here’s a breakdown of everything that’s included:

V-Day Gift Basket for Boys

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Israel’s basket was very similar to Joelle’s in that we wanted to include things he already enjoys and will definitely use! He has reached that 2nd-grade phase where he has suddenly fallen in love with graphic novels, so we included new books for him. We also kept things simple with packs of gum because hygiene is important! (Especially when it comes to young boys, HA!) Here’s a closer look at what’s inside his basket.

tween basket vday

Here’s a breakdown of all the items we added:

Just a little tip: sometimes I’ll find things I think the kids will love and I’ll hold on to them for gifts later. Also, here are the baskets and filler I used.  I thought it would be a good idea to choose baskets I could use for other things later.

If you will be giving your kids gifts for Valentine’s Day, I hope this gives you some inspiration. The important part is to not overthink it. Valentine’s Day gifts for kids can really be so simple. Let me know how your baskets turn out!

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