Two Easy Ways to Use Quick Grammar Assessments

Teachers are getting burned out from the amount of time it takes to do everything on their plate on a consistent basis and I don’t blame you. It’s why I created my time-saving tips post a few months ago. I want to see you have a better teaching experience with the elements you can control.  

One of the top tips I included in that post was that you can cut back on time by cutting back on the number of problems or questions you use to test your student’s knowledge of certain skills. I’m going to sound like a broken record, but please free yourself from long, drawn-out assessments. Quick assessments with just a handful of questions are the new go-to and they are just as effective as their longer counterparts. 

After creating an arsenal of 40 math quick assessments, I knew that it was time for something similar for grammar. It took a while and countless requests from teachers, but I FINALLY made it happen because assessing students doesn’t have to be a marathon. You can do it in sprints.

Today, I’ll be sharing two easy, quick, and effective ways to assess students’ grammar skills using Grammar Quick Assessment worksheets.

Grammar Assessment Binder

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Similar to our math quick assessments binder, I take each grammar assessment, place them in a page protector, and add them into a binder. When I need to test a student’s understanding of a skill, I can have them use an expo marker and complete the assessment directly on the protected page. Then, I can erase and repeat it throughout the year!

You can use this method for grammar assessments when you just need to test a small group or individual students to see if they have grasped the concept you are working on.

This works so well because not only does it cut down on paper usage and time to print each one over and over, but also on grading time. I say this all the time because I believe that it is crucial for teachers to free themselves from 30-question worksheets! You only need a handful of questions to garner comprehension.

Plus, this saves you tons of time when you aren’t spending it grading countless questions over and over again. 

{You can see more tips for saving time as a teacher in THIS post.}

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To create your grammar assessment binder grab these four things:

Slide each assessment into the page protectors and keep it at your teacher’s desk to whip out at a moment’s notice! I’ve even used these effectively during station rotations.

Grammar Assessments as Worksheets

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If you don’t need a grammar assessment binder or you just need more versatility, you can go the traditional route and keep an assortment of assessments ready to be printed for the class. 

The great thing about quick assessments is they don’t have to be used just for testing.

You can print the individual grammar worksheets to use for independent work, graded work, or homework, too! You can use these quick assessments throughout the year and pull them out whenever you need to do a super quick check or when your students could use some extra practice.

Use these grammar assessments after a few lessons to understand what you need to do next.

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Here are some questions to ask yourself when using these grammar assessments with your students:

  • Do I need to clarify the content?
  • Do I need to present the information in a new way?
  • How can I communicate the content more clearly?
  • What part of the content does the student understand?
  • What part of the content does the student not understand?

Use those answers to drive the remainder of your lesson plans. Be sure to keep your answer keys handy to make the grading process seamless!

FREE Grammar Assessments

Now, a FREEBIE! I don’t want to send you away empty-handed. I wanted to give you a sample of my Grammar Quick Assessments resource. The resource includes 80 worksheet-style assessments and I’ve pulled a couple of them for you to test out in your classroom!

Your students will be testing their noun knowledge with these 3 fun, themed worksheets.

Don’t want to forget these Grammar Assessments ideas? Just save the image below!

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