Student-Made Ornaments!

I love everything about Christmas.  EVERYTHING!  I love every single tradition, song, shirt, etc that has to do with Christmas.  I especially love Christmas in the classroom!  This week it was time to make parent gifts… after all, there are only a few more days until Christmas!

First, we read Pick a Pine Tree by Patricia Toht.  Since we were making ornaments I thought this book about finding the perfect tree and decorating was just right for the occasion!  You can find that book on Amazon HERE!


Then we made two different ornaments.  I like to do more than one so that students who have more than one household can give presents to both!  We made a star ornament and Santa ornament.


This Santa ornament was EASY PEASY!  You can find the tutorial on The Country Chic Cottage HERE.


I loved this one because the kids could do each part on their own.  I even gave the kids Glue Dots so that they could put on the noses without my assistance!  I ordered the wooden plaques with holes from Amazon because #lazy.  You can see the ones I got HERE. You can also find them at craft stores, but Amazon is just so stinkin easy!


We also made the star ornament.  This one took a little assistance from me, but it wasn’t too intense!  You can check out the tutorial from Carolina Allinas HERE!  You basically string translucent beads onto a silver or gold pipe cleaner and form around a star cookie cutter.  I used THESE beads, but they can also be found at a craft store!


Forming around the star cookie cutter took my help, but some students were able to figure it out on their own!  I only had a few cookie cutters, so we just took turns 🙂  After making the star, you string a bell and two beads onto ribbon.  Then tie it right up!


Both ornaments were super fun and kid friendly!  PLUS the students LOVED making them… WIN WIN!


I always love how unique everything turns out even when we all follow the same directions.  You can see their little personalities shining through 🙂


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I hope you all have a VERY MERRY Christmas!


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