STRIKE Zone! {And a Graphing Freebie}

This week has been all about graphing!  Our district always puts graphing in the last quarter… so you know when this standard rolls around the end is very near!!
This week students have been working with bar graphs.  There are soooooo many fun ways to collect data and information…. like bowling!

I searched everywhere for those cheap bowling sets, but all of my stores were out.  I was going to use cups and a ball like we suggest in our unit, but I looked for bowling sets anyways.  I’ve been meaning to pick some up and just never have!  Well, I went to Wal-Mart and they had these little goodies in the Easter section.  I just knew I had to have them for this activity!  And, of course one needs a bunny mask when bowling for carrots!
Students got into bunny teams of three.  They took turns bowling and tallying up the knocked down pins.
These little sets were actually perfect because they were small!
And aren’t they just the cutest?!  Who knew one needed a carrot bowling game in their life?  #notme #butnowIknow
  After students finished playing and tallying they took their data back to their seats so they could create their bar graph.
 Partners had to meet back up so that they could answer questions about their Strike Zone graphs!
We have so many interactive, engaging, and hands-on activities like this in our 2nd Grade Data and Graphing unit.  Check out a few of the others:
We also include a graphing project where students choose their topic, collect data, organize information, create graphs, and generate questions about their data.  It’s a great way to wrap up your graphing unit!
And we’ve made a super simple (like ZERO prep)… but VERY fun graphing freebie for you!  Do you ever see your kiddos playing Rock, Paper, Scissors around the school?  Well now you can give them a reason to play!  This freebie includes a bar graph, pictograph, and line plot option.  It also has follow-up questions so that students can analyze the data they collect!  You can grab that HERE!
Oh, and click HERE for a post from last year that includes another graphing freebie!

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