Rooted in Reading QR Code Online Books

QR Codes for Reading Online Books in the Classroom

It’s no secret that the books Katie and I selected for Rooted in Reading are very dear to us. Since all of our activities are structured around one main read-aloud each week, much thought was put into selecting beautiful and meaningful picture books for our teachers and students. Over the years we have seen students and teachers fall in love with new genres, authors, and writing styles. While we believe it is MOST important that the teacher reads the picture book aloud to students, we also know our Rooted in Reading teachers enjoy having online read-alouds they can provide to their students.

With that being said, we created QR Code Book Cards for each of our Rooted in Reading grade levels!

QR Code Book Cards

These cards can be used during a listening center, as an early finisher option, or by the teacher as they are completing a re-read with their class. Each card has the book title, a shortened link, and a QR Code that leads to the book being read online (typically on YouTube).

Rooted in Reading Book Cards

How to Assemble the QR Code Cards

Here’s a look at how to assemble these cards. You may want to consider laminating the cards for durability.

  1. Cut some of the border off of the cards. I left a little extra around each card so that I could hole punch easily.
  2. Cut the cards into fourths.
  3. Sort cards into monthly stacks. Put the month label on top.
  4. Hole punch the cards.
  5. Use a binder ring to secure cards in order.

How to Use the Cards

Once you have the QR Code Cards assembled, you simply scan the card using a phone or tablet. In most cases, you do not need a QR Code Reader as these are built into cameras now. Open up the camera, aim towards the QR Code, and click on the link that pops up. If your camera does not scan QR Codes, then you may need to download an app to do so.

Rooted in Reading Book Cards Scan Read

Online Read Alouds

Each card will have a QR code that leads to a video of the story being read-aloud online. We simply looked online for these read-alouds, we did not video ourselves reading the stories. While we did test the codes and links, we do suggest that teachers preview all videos before showing their students. We also have no control over the ads that may pop up through the links. Occasionally videos will be removed or replaced online, so the links become broken. If so, use the comment section on this blog post and we will try to find a solution!

Rooted in Reading Book Cards QR Code

Rooted in Reading Curriculum

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The best part? We’ve made these QR Code Cards for ALL of our Rooted in Reading grade levels!

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Rooted in Reading Book Cards

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