Reading in January AND a Polar Bear Directed Drawing

Happy December! I have so much to share with you, so let’s just get started right away!

I have been looking for an EASY and QUICK way to share all of the links to our Rooted in Reading books for a couple of years now. Well, Amazon solved all of my problems for me! I now have an Amazon storefront that is organized into categories for you.

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I have more categories than our Rooted in Reading books, but that was what initially got me VERY excited to create this for you! You can click HERE to see the store. I realize that Amazon doesn’t always have the best prices, but it is a quick way to see all of the books on our lists! I am hoping to add supplemental book categories very soon.

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Next up… our Rooted in Reading for 1st Grade is COMPLETE! Here’s a little peek at what’s inside:

Penguin in Peril is a precious book about a penguin that gets captured by three cunning cats. You’ll have to read to see if their plan works or if he gets away!

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Ida, Always is one of the best books I have ever read. It is VERY emotional… as in I can’t read it without tearing up! It is about a beautiful friendship between Ida and Gus.

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Students LOVE learning about astronauts, so we just had to include this wonderful Autobiography. The Darkest Dark is all about how astronaut Chris Hadfield became interested in space.

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Chameleons are Cool is the PERFECT nonfiction book for your students. The pictures are bright, vivid, and so interesting! Your students will absolutely LOVE learning about chameleons!

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Alright. Now we are onto the last thing on our list! A FREEBIE for you! I have a polar bear directed drawing that will pair perfectly with Ida, Always! If you use 2nd or 3rd Grade Rooted in Reading, that’s okay because it can work for you as well! Use it with Who’s That Knocking on Christmas Eve or The Polar Bear Son!

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Click below to find out more about Rooted in Reading January!

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  1. I have this pack and my kids LOVE it! We just finished The Darkest Dark! Our reading story from Journey’s was about space, and this pack went perfectly with it!

  2. Amy. I love everything you make. I am needing some awesome things for context clues. What do you do for context clues? I really would love some great picture books to read that could teach context clues