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Shocker, kids don’t really want to read in the Summer. Unless they’re avid readers already, kids are often more interested in being free to play, run around outside, go swimming, stay up late binge-watching their favorite shows, etc. Reading can fall to the back burner if you let it. So, I thought our Summer reading challenges needed an update…enter this Reading Challenge FREEBIE!

All I Do is Read, Read, Read, No Matter What! Reading Challenge

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I created this reading challenge for kids who need a bit more encouragement to pull out those books! Kids enjoy reading more when we take the pressure off. Instead of focusing on quantity (number of minutes, number of books), we can focus on the quality and make it fun. 

Summer Reading Challenge Options

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The best way to make quality a focus is by having tons of options! The ideal would be for kids to tick off all the boxes, but the real win is when they are able to identify challenges that match their interests. If you’re headed on vacation, your beach-loving kid may be ecstatic at the idea of reading one of their favorite books outside while rubbing the sand through their toes! Or your little explorer would probably love to learn more about that squirrel they can’t seem to catch in the backyard.

And I want to make it clear that these challenges don’t have to be done alone. How amazing would it be to set up an indoor camping night, pull out the flashlights, and read a spooky/mystery story! In fact, I encourage you to make this something you do together. Reading together is one of my TOP tips for cultivating a love of reading in children.

Summer Reading Challenge Bookmarks & Trackers

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I made sure to create a matching bookmark for your little readers! The goal isn’t to focus on how much time is spent reading so, even if they read a couple of pages and mark their place for later, it’s still progress!

There are a few different tracker options. They can color a book image as they complete a challenge, highlight the circle, or use the 10 circles on their bookmark as an alternative as well. Feel free to use it in any way you see fit or forget the trackers altogether. Totally up to you!

Reading challenges for kids can be effective when they’re created well. By focusing on quality and fun versus quantity, you will set kids up for success in reaching their reading goals and encourage a love of reading naturally!

If you’re feeling stuck on what books to get for your readers or add to your classroom library, check out these hand-picked reads from my kiddos:

Top 10 Books for Upper Elementary Students

Top 10 Novels for Middle School Students

Please don’t forget that reading together can make all the difference. I hope you enjoy it!

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