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Do you use Rooted in Reading in your classroom? If so, we have a FREEBIE for you!

We’ve seen so many great focus boards from teachers using Rooted in Reading, we thought that you might like one also.

Rooted in Reading Board 1
{Please Note: This is a 1st grade unit shown. All of the units are created differently. Our 2nd and 3rd grade units are similar, but some of the components look different. For example, only our 1st grade units have pictures with with vocabulary words}

Here you can see I used the Bulletin Board set with our Naughty Mabel unit. There are many different headers so that it works with all of our grade levels.

Rooted in Reading Board 2

In the download included, you will get a Rooted in Reading Banner and Headings for all of your unit materials. The actual components are from our Rooted in Reading curriculum, so this will just give you a way to display everything you are using in your classroom. There are different printing options: Colored Ink or Black Ink.

Rooted in Reading Board 3

I love how you can see all of the major focuses in one place. You could even add dry erase pockets or plastic sleeves so that you can easily slip the digital posters in and out.

Rooted in Reading Board 4

Also, before you go… Did you know that we now have Bundles for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grades? You can check those out below.

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I hope that you enjoy creating a Rooted in Reading focus board for your classroom.

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Sample a day of Rooted in Reading with these lesson plans and activities for Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Grammar!

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  1. I currently have the one for 2nd grade bundle , do you think that 2nd graders would be able to accomplish the 3rd grade bundle?????

  2. Thank you for the bulletin board freebie. I look forward to implementing Rooted in Reading program to our class next year. Our corporation purchased it for our first grade to use next year. I have already taught the unit in May-Alligators and Crocodiles. The students absolutely loved learning about these reptiles. We are going to do Jabari Jumps next week to end our year.