October Fun with an Owl FREEBIE!

Do you love October as much as I do? The heat is FINALLY calming down in Texas, pumpkins are out, and the content in the classroom is ON POINT! Spiders, Owls, BatsMonsters, Pumpkins, Oh my! So many engaging topics to tackle! We absolutely love all of our Rooted in Reading Units for October. This is actually the month with started with WAY BACK WHEN! That’s right… We started with 2nd Grade October in 2015! I can’t believe it’s been THREE years! Well, we officially have October Reading for 2nd3rd, AND 1st Grade!

You heard me right 1st Grade Teachers! October is finished and READY for YOU! We have four AMAZING books ready for the month of October.

If Your Monster Won’t Go To Bed is a delightful procedural book. The main character has quite the personality and takes you through the steps of getting that monster to sleep!

content 2

Pumpkin Soup is a great book to go along with your Pumpkin Unit! The three main characters get into a bit of a squabble, but find their way back together before the story ends.

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The Girl Who Thought in Pictures is PERFECT for discussing how we are all unique. It’s a Non-Fiction book about Dr. Temple Grandin. The author uses a beautiful rhythm to tell the story of how Temple went from taunted and teased to a successful scientist.

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Last, but certainly not least, is Hoot and Peep. This book is most definitely a HOOT! Lita Judge uses onomatopoeias to tell the story of owl siblings Hoot and Peep. They may not be just alike, but they learn to see the beauty in their differences.

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Maybe you don’t teach 1st grade, or you haven’t taken the plunge into Rooted in Reading yet! It’s okay, we have a little FREEBIE for you! Grab yourself a Nonfiction book about Owls, and have OWL kinds of fun!

content 6

And if you are grabbing October, then this FREEBIE is for you too! It’s just a little something extra to say THANK YOU!

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  1. Hello! I am an aspiring second grade teacher. I currently attend Washburn University in Topeka, KS, and have about a year of schooling left then a semester of student teacher. I cannot wait to have my own classroom one day to do these fun little crafts in! Fall is my favorite time of year. I really liked the pumpkin craft, but I have always loved owls so that might be my favorite. It is super helpful that you also added the book to use with the craft. I will definitely note this page and check back whenever I have my own classroom.