Stellaluna and Questions Answered!

Hey there, friends!  I am just popping in to show you how we finished up with Stellaluna last week.  To see what we did earlier in the week click HERE.  To meet my district standards I needed to incorporate nonfiction reading into my week.  So, we finished off the week reading nonfiction books about bats.  We continued to make connections to Stellaluna as we were learning new information.  One of my students even mentioned, “You know… if Stellaluna weren’t a fruit bat then it wouldn’t have been quite as hard for her to live with the birds!”  I loved that they were continually thinking about our reading and making connections galore!
To show what we had learned we did these directed drawings on Friday.  I went ahead and added these to the unit.  So, make sure you redownload for the directions!
I just seriously LOVE kid art!
Responding to our reading was such a key component all throughout the week.  I forgot to snap a picture, BUT one of my students has only been in the states since August has just had a difficult time adjusting and catching on.  She’s as smart as a whip and does what she can, but writing in English has been a little harder for her.  Well, last week when we started Stellaluna, she just started to blossom!  She completed all of her writing.  She made great connections.  AND She was able to understand the vocabulary since we spent so much time on it!  I think really focusing on one story really helped all of my students dig deeper!

Katie and I have been getting a few questions about the unit, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to answer those here!
Q:  Do the books need to be taught in a certain order?
A:  No, they can be taught in any order.  You may want to look at the grammar skills to see which order would work best for your kids. 
Q:  Should I follow the lesson plans exactly?
A:  That is totally up to you!  The lesson plans were written to give you a framework, but you can certainly change things up and arrange your lessons the way you best see fit!  Every classroom, teacher, and set of students are different.  You have to do what is best for YOU!
Q:  I’m having trouble fitting it all in.  Am I doing something wrong?
A:  No way!  We tried to give you way way way toooooooo much stuff!  We wanted you to have a wide variety of activities that you could choose from.  We didn’t want to leave you empty-handed at all.  With that being said…you will not be able to use every single sheet every single week.  Pick out the activities that you like best and run with it! 

This week we are studying Spiders and my kiddos are already pumped about reading every single day!!!  I’ll be back later to show you what we are working on 🙂

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  1. I love all of the activities! My kids are having so much fun with Stellaluna this week. We did I need my Monster last week and Spiders will be the last week. I'm sad we couldn't fit in Crankenstien but we had to fit in a poetry standard next week. I was wondering do you think you'll sell the titles individually? Next month I won't be able to use all of the books but would love the activities for some of them.
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