Five for Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!  I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs for a little Five for Friday fun!  So, here it goes….
1.  These lollipops were a huge hit.  I gave students a certain amount of printable coins and they put their lollipop together!  They counted the coins to see how much their specific lollipop cost.  I was able to easily differentiate based on my student’s performance on coin counting this week.  I gave easier/more difficult amounts based on what I thought my kiddos could handle!
2.  I’m using my large magnetic coins from Educational Insights to do a quick coin counting assessment on each of my students.  I got tired of having to get the coins out and ready every time that I had a second to pull a student back to my table.  So, I stuck the coins to my {{ugly}} filing cabinet.  My students come to my cabinet, they can move the coins around if needed, and tell me the total amount.  If they have difficulty, I take notes on what they got stuck on… was it the quarters?  counting by fives?  adding on?  And I am able to target those kiddos during math station small group time!
 3.  We go to the computer lab every Friday morning.  We do a variety of things during this time, but today I wanted to continue counting coins.  I found these three games and my kiddos LOVED them!  You can click on the picture to take you there!

4.  I absolutely love being at the same school as Joelle.  Seeing her cute face every once in a while just warms my heart!  I also really love knowing her teacher personally!!  She will send me pictures of Joelle’s work, or little snip-its from her day.  There’s nothing better than knowing your child is being taken care of and loved on!!!  She sent me a picture of Joelle’s note to her this morning.  Her teacher is an OU fan, so Joelle tries to convert her to being a longhorn as often as possible!!!
03143 img 0387

 5.  Speaking of Joelle and her teacher.  I found these cute little pencil signs floating around on Instagram.  I just couldn’t pass up such a great deal on something so stinkin’ cute!  So, I bought Christmas presents from Jo’s current and previous teachers.  They came in the mail yesterday, and they are even cuter in person!  If you are looking for teacher gifts, I suggest you visit Tallahassee Sunday on Etsy!
 Oh, and if you know any 5th grade math teachers that could use a little inspiration, send them on over to my sister’s blogWhere Ms. Green’s Math Garden Grows!  She’s got it up and running now :))
And, as always, thanks to Doodle Bugs for hosting such a fun linky!

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  1. I love letting fellow teachers know how their children are going in my lessons. They usually say the darndest things and I find that fellow teachers understand and appreciate those funny teaching moments a little bit more 🙂
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