Fall Apple Activities in the Classroom

A little boy smiling with apples and completing apple activities.
1 apple activity roundup

Fall means cooler mornings, leaves along the ground, and the perfect time for Apple activities in the classroom! Whether you are teaching preschool,  kindergarten, or upper elementary, your students will enjoy adding a little spice to their everyday math, reading, and science activities.

I’ve created several apple activities throughout my years in the classroom and beyond. I’ve taken a few of my favorites and compiled them for you. Plus, you can’t enter into Fall without a few new Apple books to cozy up to with your students.

Complete a Poisonous Apple Experiment

Apple experiment with an apple volcano.

First things first, let’s talk science! Halloween is coming soon and this poisonous apple experiment may be the perfect way to bring some of the excitement for all things spooky into the classroom!

Of course, this volcano-style experiment isn’t limited to Halloween. With the use of an apple at its base, you can pull this out anytime but especially, during Fall when apples are in peak season.

Just grab these step-by-step instructions for completing this poisonous apple experiment and you’re good to go!


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    Study the Seasons of an Apple Tree

    apple printable activity and booklet for learning about the seasons of an apple tree.
    Interactive Reading Apple Activities from Rock the Read-Aloud Unit for Bad Apple

    I love a two-for-one activity and this Seasons of an Apple Tree activity does not disappoint!

    Students read an informational text about the seasons of an apple tree to learn how apple trees grow and change throughout the year. Integrate fiction and nonfiction by tying in informational text with your favorite fiction read-aloud. 

    Afterward, students identify the seasons of the apple tree and describe the changes seen throughout the year. 

    You can complete the lesson with accompanying apple activities including sequencing seasons of an apple tree printable, the apple craft and seasons booklet, and the FREE seasons of the apple tree art!

    Make an Apple Snack

    Apple trail mix with marshmallows, cheerios, cinnamon toast crunch, and chocolate chips.

    If you’re going to celebrate Apple season, you certainly can’t forget the apple treats! Give students a taste of Fall with this quick, easy, and inexpensive apple trail mix.

    This snack is so easy to make as a class, too! 

    Grab mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and the star of the mix – Apple Cinnamon Cheerios! Mix them together and you’ve got yourself an apple trail mix.  

    If you are learning about mixtures and solutions in science, this is the perfect example of a mixture!

    Enjoy an Apple Read-Aloud

    Apple books on a shelf.

    Picture books are the perfect tool for anchoring lessons, making connections, and introducing new topics! Consider using an Apple-themed read-aloud to introduce your Apple Week or Apple Day in the classroom.

    There are so many options to choose from and they don’t all have to center around actual apples. There are reads that teach kindness, friendship, and bravery. There are books that teach our connection to nature or center around a fairytale. 

    If you’re not sure where to begin, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Apple books for you! You can find both fiction and nonfiction recommendations.

    Incorporate Apples into Math 

    Aple tree with numbers for a math addition activity.
    Interactive Math Activities from Rock the Read Aloud Unit for Bad Apple

    The apple theme isn’t reserved for reading! You can complete plenty of apple activities for math, too!

    For example, you can continue the apple fun in your math block with apple addition activities! 

    Your students can create their own apple addition problems using the Picking Out Problems activity.  Students will pick two apples (marked with numbers) from the tree as their addends. Then, they can add those numbers together to create an addition equation.

    Some other ways to incorporate Apple math are using a comparing “apples” activity for comparing numbers, Apple word problems, Apple graphing, and more!

    States of Matter

    Green apples for apple sauce.

    What if I told you applesauce can do more than be a yummy treat? It’s true.

    When I taught 1st grade we would make crockpot applesauce every year. Making applesauce with my class in the past has been an amazing way to teach students about states of matter

    Students can learn about solids, liquids, and gasses in Science by making applesauce. Here’s how it would work.

    • Apples are solids. 
    • The water and lemon juice are liquids. 
    • The steam from cooking is a gas. 

    I used one of my favorite slow cooker applesauce recipes to make this so easy!

    Retell a story with an Apple booklet

    Bad Apple book and a apple tree shaped booklet for retelling a story

    Once you’ve chosen the perfect Apple picture book, consider using it as the anchor for a lesson on retelling a story!

    Use my FREE Apple Retell Booklet and have students complete it as a reading comprehension activity! Inside the booklet, students can either retell a fiction story using BME or they can retell facts from a nonfiction text about apples.

    Make Apple Pie in a Cup

    Apple Activity Round Up 1

    Here’s a little extra apple activity + treat that is perfect for the classroom because it requires ZERO cutting or cooking! Make Apple Pie in a Cup with just a few ingredients. Plus, pair this recipe with the book How to Make Apple Pie and See the World. Then you’ve got a reading and recipe for the classroom!

    Here’s what you need:

    1. Graham Crackers (1 per student)
    2. Apple Pie Filling (1 can per 6 students)
    3. Whipped Cream
    4. Cinnamon

    Need some step-by-step instructions, here ya go:

    1. Give students a graham cracker and a ziploc baggie. Students smash the graham cracker in their baggie. Pour into a cup.
    2. Add 2-3 spoonfuls of apple pie filling. This does not have to be warmed up.
    3. Top with a swirl of whipped cream.
    4. Sprinkle cinnamon on top.

    Don’t forget these Fall Apple Activities, just save the image below for later!

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