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Apple Tree Seasons Art Activity for the Classroom

Are you enjoying APPLE WEEK so far? I know I am! Yesterday I shared my favorite apple books along with an apple reading activity with you. You can grab that HERE if you missed it!

Today I am going to share an apple tree art activity. This art activity is perfect to pair with the book The Season’s of Arnold’s Apple Tree. Students learn about how an apple tree changes throughout the seasons with this project.

Materials Used

To make the apple tree through the seasons I used the following materials:

  1. Paint Dot Markers: green, pink, red, yellow, orange
  2. Crayons or Colored Pencils
  3. Markers
  4. White Paint with a Q-Tip
  5. White Card-stock

Apple Tree Art: Step One

First, use a brown marker to draw the trunk of the tree. Make sure to do this in the center of the page.

apple tree in the seasons 1

Apple Tree Art: Step Two

Next, use a brown marker to draw the branches of the apple tree. You want the branches to go across all four seasons.

apple tree in the seasons 2

Apple Tree Art: Step Three

The next thing that you’ll want to do is color the winter background. Use a blue crayon or colored pencil to do this. We will come back to the winter section in just a bit!

apple tree in the seasons 3

Apple Tree Art: Step Four

Now you’ll want to grab a pink and light green paint dot marker. Make apple blossoms coming off of the branches in the spring section.

apple tree in the seasons 4

Apple Tree Art: Step Five

In the summer section, use a paint dot marker to make bushy leaves. The apple trees in the summer are full of green leaves. Then, add red apples with the paint dot markers.

apple tree in the seasons 5

Apple Tree Art: Step Six

In the fall section, use yellow and orange paint dot markers to make leaves. Use the red paint dot marker to make large apples that are ready to harvest! Add some apples falling down from the tree.

apple tree in the seasons 6

Apple Tree Art: Step Seven

Then you’ll want to use crayon or colored pencil to lightly shade the background of the rest of the seasons.

apple tree in the seasons 7

Apple Tree Art: Step Eight

Last, use either your finger or a q-tip with white paint to add snow to the winter section. You can add snow to the branches and to the ground. This only takes a very small amount of paint!

apple tree in the seasons 8

And that’s it! Now you have your apple tree art throughout all of the seasons! Students can easily see how an apple tree changes throughout the year.

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