End of the Year Review with FREEBIES!

It’s that time of year again. When you’re biting your nails in anticipation of seeing that all of your hard work this year has paid off, AKA, it’s review season! And in review season, things can either be really stressful, or totally relaxed because you know that your students know their stuff! I know the feeling and my job as a teacher creator is to ensure that I make times like this as easy as possible for you. That’s why I recently revamped my End of the Year Review Booklet for 2nd or 3rd graders! I wanted to ensure you had something up to date that requires little prep AND made reviewing essential concepts easy for your students and you.

The end-of-the-year review booklet has a variety of activities to ensure your students are touching on essential math, grammar, and reading concepts! Here’s a look at what’s covered and how you can make the most of review season. And if you make it to the end, there’s a surprise FREEBIE waiting for you!

Math Review

End of the Year Review Booklet for Summer

You don’t need hundreds of equations to get a good grasp of how your students solve problems! With the math pages, we keep them concise and focused on one skill. In the math review section of the booklet, students will be practicing:

  • place value
  • comparing numbers
  • even and odd numbers
  • math facts
  • missing addends
  • skip counting
  • word problems
  • counting money
  • shapes
  • and much more!
End of the Year Review Booklet Inside

You will see that there is a LOT to choose from. We tried our best to include all of the important 2nd-grade math skills. We include creative themes to pique the interests of your students, too. Like working out word problems and floating through facts! All. The. Summer. Fun!

Grammar Review

FREE Sample of EOY booklet

When it comes to 2nd-grade grammar, descriptions are a major focus! We use that focus to build themes around things that are of interest to the students. Like using adjectives to describe sharks or using verbs to talk about summer actions! The students will think ahead to all the fun they’ll have during the break when they create a fun Summer story!

You will also have access to engaging grammar review activities for:

  • fixing and completing sentences
  • using pronouns
  • contractions
  • compound words
  • cursive writing
  • and much more!

And just to make your day, you can grab a FREE sample of the booklet at the end of this post!

Reading Review

Reading End of the Year Booklet Page

What I love about the reading review portion is that it encourages reading over the Summer! We have included a summer reading log, but we also focus on activities that encourage reading growth in a fun way! Like testing their “reading stamina” with 60 uninterrupted minutes of reading. But it isn’t just about Summer reading. At the end of the school year, your reading review should capture their understanding of cause and effect, main idea, fact versus opinion, problem/solution, and more! 

We made sure to include these essential skills as well. We keep things familiar and fun by incorporating the many nuances that make summertime such a joy!

Prepping the Booklets

How To End of the Year Booklet for 2nd Grade

I’m a fan of always having WAY MORE than what you need, so you’ll find that this booklet has a lot of different pages to choose from! The wonderful thing about the End of the Year review booklet is that it can be used in a few different ways. Choose the pages you want to use and you can pull these out at the end of 2nd grade, send them home over the Summer, or use them as a review at the beginning of 3rd grade! You can even mix and match some activities. Have a few completed at the end of the year and the others can be used for the summer break. You choose! And I’ve included an alternative cover that ISN’T grade-specific!

I try to make the preparation as easy as possible. Simply copy front and back, cut the pages in half, and staple them together! I like to use colorful paper like this Astrobrights paper from Amazon {affiliate link}, just to build excitement. I like to think Summer evokes a colorful mood! Of course, this is not a requirement. Just use whatever you’ve got!

End of the Year Review Booklet for 2nd Grade

Here’s the finished product. You could even turn these into end-of-the-year student gifts. Grab your booklet, add a pencil, and tie some fancy ribbon in a bow to hold it all together! This is easy-peasy and the booklet + pencil combo is perfect!  If you have the resources, you could pair it with a book to get them started on their summer reading, too. You can see how this looks below.

End of the Year Review Booklet for 2nd Grade as Gift

So cute, right?!

You can find this End of the Year Review Booklet for 2nd grade right HERE!  (If you’re looking for something just for reading, you can check out THESE reading review activities!) And if you’re looking for more end-of-the-year activity inspiration, you’ll definitely want to check out THIS post!

Let me know how you’ll be using your booklets below!

But wait…don’t forget your FREE sample of the review booklet!

Just so you can see what to expect, I’ve included a couple of sample pages for both math and ELA in this download!

Don’t want to forget these End of the Year Review activities? Save the image below for later!

Review Booklet for the end of year

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