5 Activities to Celebrate the End of the Year

Could it be? The end of one of the hardest school years to date for almost all of us, including students and parents. I just want to hop in and tell you how amazing you are and I hope that this Teacher Appreciation Week makes you truly feel supported! With that being said, I really wanted to share some fun freebies with you today. What I have are 5 fun activities to celebrate the end of the year with your students!

You’ll be able to download all of these activities at the end of this post, but here’s a look at what’s included.

Flamingo Drawing

Nothing says summer like flamingos! Maybe because visits to the zoo are a summer staple! Well, your students will be ready after completing this fun flamingo drawing directed by some pretty cool kids—if I do say so myself. You can check out this original post and video instructions for this end-of-year activity, but you’ll have everything you need in the download below.

Water Bottle Gift for Students

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Student gifts are such a fun treat to send the kids off with something memorable from the school year! I like to stick with gifts that just make a whole lot of sense, like these water bottles to keep them hydrated in the summer. I up the ante by adding silly straws, a fruity drink mix, and this fun gift tag which you can snag for free! I’ve linked all of the materials I used in this post.

End of the Year Photo Booth

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Have you ever set up a photo booth for your class? It is literally so much fun for the kids! They will love having a picture to look back on (or at least their parents will for sure). And with such a unique school year, this is the one everyone should want to remember. You can recreate this booth with the template included in the download below. Check out this post for tips on how to set it up!

Pickle Tasting Day

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You can always make activities for the end of the year a bit more interesting with a pickle tasting day! Some may love it, others not so much but that just makes the graphing more interesting! Students will taste and gather data on whether they liked the pickles or not as a class. We then get crafty making a pickle friend! You can check out details of our pickle day here, but of course, this activity is included in the freebies below.

Animal Reports


I really enjoy talking about all things animals as we get close to ending the school year. It’s fun, simple, and it always keeps the attention of the little ones! (Read: Making your life easier.) For these animal research projects, students can work together on an animal of their choice for the reading and research portion, write independently about their animal, and pull it all together for a final fun project! You can read more about how I made this work in my classroom right here. You’ll get the template for the foldable projects below.

I hope you’re able to enjoy a few of these easy-going activities to celebrate the end of the year! Before you head out…

Don’t Forget Your Freebie!

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