End of the Year Photos

This week is the last week of school for my kiddos. They only have five more days until we get to sleep in and stop showering on a daily basis. I can’t wait to be free of signing folders, making lunches, cleaning uniforms, etc. I love the structure school brings, but I also love the freedom that comes with summer.

I am helping with Israel’s kinder party on Friday and one of the requests his teacher had was a photo backdrop. After making it I thought… why don’t I share with all my teacher friends out there?! I did make the letters so that you can use them with your grade level.

I purchased stars so that I would not have to cut them out, but you could also use the die-cuts from your school (I’ve included printable ones as well). All you have to do is glue the stars down first and the letters down last. You could even glue the letters down and then just put the stars all around the words. That would be very cute!

Israel First Grade

I’ve listed some of the supplies that I used below. You can also use butcher paper from school to save some money. I love fadeless paper, so I always pick that up at my local teacher store or from Amazon.

Black Fadeless Paper

White Cardstock

Spring Action Scissors

Star Cut-Outs 1,Β Star Cut-Outs 2,Β Star Cut-Outs 3

end of year photo

I have other bulletin board sets that may help you while prepping for next year. Check those out below:

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content Slide1

I hope you enjoy that FREEBIE! Have a great week!

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