Valentine’s Day Math Activities With a FREEBIE

Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner?! That means that January is practically OVER… and all the teachers said AMEN! To celebrate the new month, I wanted to share a Valentine’s Day math game that can keep your kiddos engaged during the season of ALL THE CANDY.

Spin it to Win it is an easy-to-prep game that can basically be played with any math skill. Let’s take a look…

Valentine Math Game Spin

About Spin it to Win it!

On the heart there are two spinners. Students spin twice to get their two numbers. Then students will add, subtract, multiply, or divide (based on what you are focusing on in class… you decide!).

Heart Math Game

Supplies Used –> Dry Erase Pockets and Transparent Spinners

After both partners have solved their equations, the partner with the highest answer gets a tally mark.

Valentine Math Spin

How to Create the Game

The wonderful thing about this game is that YOU get to type in your numbers. You can do single digits for facts, numbers for regrouping, decimals for addition… whatever you’d like!

Spin Heart Math Game

And if you aren’t up to typing, that’s okay! You can print out the blank version and write on the spinner as well. I love things like this because you can really make it work for any grade level and skill. It’s very similar to THESE editable math games.

Valetine Math

Solve to Create a Love-Bug

But wait, there’s more! You are probably tired of hearing me talk about our Solve to Create packs, but I love this one oh so much. Students solve six word problems to create their love-bug. As students solve a word problem correctly, they gain a piece of their love-bug.

Just like with the math game, the word problems are editable so that you can type in word problems to fit your grade level and skills. It’s an engaging way to get ready for a test, review word problems, and tie in that holiday fun. You can find that HERE!

Grab a Free Math Game

Now let’s talk about your FREE math game!

Don’t Want to Forget?

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valentines day math activity
Valentines day Math

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  1. I went TPT and bought the editable math games but could not find the spin-to-win heart game. I also can’t find the downloadable link on this page. Can you help me navigate how to find this acitivty? I would love to do this with my kiddos. Thanks

    1. Hi! You’ll need to subscribe to my email list by filling out the subscription box at the bottom of the post and the freebie will be emailed to you!

  2. I love this product. I was only able to download the PDF version. Where is the Power Point version located. I would love to edit my own.

    1. Hi There! The editable version should have downloaded with the zip file. Try downloading again.

  3. Amy,
    Thanks so much for these creative ideas. I absolutely love your items; you are one of my all time favorite teachers to follow.
    Keep creating! Blessing to you!