Student Gift: Coupon Book Freebie!

I love every single thing about the Christmas season.  I love giving gifts, decorating, doing every cute craft out there, making sweet treats, going to events… you name it, I love it.  But, let’s face it.  There’s just not enough time and money to do every little thing you want to do!  And it seems like when it comes to giving gifts to students you can either spend a fortune or buy something that isn’t actually worth a whole lot!  I do love giving books, small stuffed animals, or some trinket I may find, but I also like to give something that they can use in the classroom!
I made this little coupon book that you can grab HERE for free 🙂
There are five coupons that students can use when they get back from the holiday break.  Students just simply cut on the dotted lines to take out the coupon they want to use.
The coupons include:  Sit with a Friend, Show and Tell, No Shoes for a Day, Bring a Snack to Class, and Bring a Stuffed Animal or Pillow.  I won’t be adding any others to the booklet, so hopefully you can use a couple of them!
Of course it can also be paired with a little gift you already have something purchased!  These plush reindeer are always a hit.  You can see them on Oriental Trading HERE or something similar on Amazon HERE.
How cute are these reindeer glasses?!  I bought these for our reindeer week, but they would also make a great gift!  You can see them on Oriental Trading HERE or something similar on Amazon HERE!
A great thing about the little coupon booklet is it can be used all throughout the year if you already have a plan for Christmas gifts.  I purposefully didn’t add anything Christmasy to it so that it can be given as a reward, for Valentine’s Day, or whenever you see fit!

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  1. These coupons have been such a hit with my kids. Thank you so much for sharing. They asked this week if I might have coupons for their Valentine Party : )