Shark Snatchers! {With a Number Line FREEBIE}


This week 2nd graders started working on addition strategies.  We began with the strategy of Counting On using a number line.  The students became Shark Snatchers while they practiced SNATCHING the greater number and counting on from there.  We made a large classroom number line from 0-20 so that we could practice during our minilesson.  Students stood by the greater number and then counted on by walking up the number line.

As our Shark Snatcher was modeling on our number line, students were using their own movable number line to complete the addition equation.


Those little Shark Snatchers sure were cute!


You can use any number line, but since we were sharks the ocean themed number line made things a little extra exciting πŸ™‚  You can grab the movable number lines HERE!  Simply punch a hole before the 0 and after the 20, thread a pipe cleaner with a bead through and fold/tape the pipe cleaner down on the back.


During the minilesson the student snatching numbers on the number line wears The Shark Snatcher hat.  Since I knew the kids would all want one, we each made a hat, but it’s totally not necessary!


I mean, who wouldn’t want to wear one?!

IMG 8104

After our minilesson, students practiced the Counting On strategy with their very own little shark.  We rolled two dice, placed the greater number in the shark’s mouth, and then counted on with our other dice!  We also used our number line to solve our equations.


This activity was definitely a class favorite.  As we were writing equations, we circled the greater number to remind us to count on from there!


Could we have just used the number lines and dice?  Absolutely!  BUT, the sharks upped their engagement and they wanted to just keep on going and going and going!



Plus, they make a great hallway display!


After our Shark Snatcher game, students continued practicing the strategies in their interactive notebooks.


Students kept their number lines, rolled to find one of their addends, then spun to find their other addend.  Students wrote their equations and used their number lines to count on!


All of our Shark Snatcher activities are from 2nd Grade Magic of Math Unit Two!  You can check that out HERE!


Here’s a little video that explains it all just in case that helps anyone out!

Want to save this activity for later?  Pin this image below to keep it in your files πŸ™‚  AND, don’t forget to grab your number line freebie HERE!


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  1. Amy, I want want want this for my first graders. Is it in or can it be added to the first grade math resource?

    1. So sorry, but this is only in our second grade unit. We don’t want to repeat activities from grade to grade πŸ™‚

  2. Oh please, Amy. Please reconsider—I understand. However, first grade is “drooling” to have access to this activity as well.

  3. FINtastic! Can’t wait to give this a try. As a returning teacher, after being a stay at home Mom for the past 22 years, I am in need of wonderful things for my new classroom and sweet students. You have been a real inspiration! Thank you so much.

  4. Hi Amy,
    My district uses Eureka Math (Engage NY), are you familiar with it? If so, do you think any of your math activities would align with it?