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Yesterday I shared all about my fall no-prep math stations. Well, today I thought I would share how I organize these math stations. I’m all about no-fuss, simple, and hassle free.

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1. Grab the Materials for the Station

The first thing that I do to organize my math stations is gather all of the station materials. The stations I am using are super easy to gather because there is ZERO cutting involved. I get 1 set of the station cards (printed two to a page), the recording sheets for students, and the answer key ready to go. If you don’t want to include an answer sheet, you can always leave that out!

organize math stations 1

2. Optional Step: Hole Punch the Math Station Cards

Next, sometimes I hole punch the station cards. This is an optional step because you may want to have them separate for multiple students to use at a time. The hole punch does ensure that cards won’t get left all over the room, but that is totally up to you!

comparing numbers math station 1

3. Put Everything Together

Once I have the station cards and the recording sheets, I put them in a plastic zipper pouch. THESE zipper pouches are my favorite because you can see the contents and there is enough room for a stack of papers!

math stations no prep 2

4. Repeat for all of the Math Stations

I repeat all of those steps for each math station. Since there aren’t extra pieces all over the place, this takes just minutes to do!

organize math stations 2

You can see here that I did not hole punch the cards. Like I mentioned earlier, this is just personal preference. Either way, the cards go inside of the plastic zipper pouch with the recording sheets.

organize math stations 3

5. Make Stations Accessible

The last thing that I did was gather all of the stations and house them in a white book bin. This takes up such little space! You could definitely do one station per book bin, but I found that these stations just don’t require a lot of room. So, I keep it slim and simple!

organize math stations 4 1

It’s seriously fuss-free! Now all of my stations are ready to go! I was able to save so much time and energy getting these stations ready for a 2nd grade classroom. These days I’m all about working smarter, not harder!

organize math stations 5 1

Grab a FREE Math Station

Want to see what these math stations are all about before taking the plunge? I get it! I have a FREE SAMPLE activity that shows exactly how the centers are set up. It’s one of those TRY before you BUY things!

math stations no prep

Save for Later!

Don’t want to forget how to organize your math stations? Pin this image to your Pinterest boards to save for later!

organize math stations

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