Fall Math Stations for the Classroom

Are math stations a part of your day in the classroom? Math stations have always been one of my favorite things about the school day, but prepping them… not. so. much! I recently decided I was going to create math stations that require absolutely zero prep. I wanted teachers to have the option to print and go! Today I’m going to share 5 fall math stations for the classroom AND a free sample for you to try out!

You can find all of these math stations HERE

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I would also like to mention that while the pictures I’m showing in this post all use colored ink, I always include the following options for teachers:

  1. Digital Math Stations that can be used in these formats: Power Point, Google Slides, Seesaw
  2. Easy to print black and white pages in the PDF that saves ink!

Place Value Math Station

Place value is one of those concepts that needs to be practiced and spiraled all year long. We want our students to have an in-depth number knowledge! In Place Value Pie, students are given the expanded form of a number. Students use the expanded form to fill out an HTO chart and to find the standard form of the number.

Counting Coins Math Station

Counting coins is also one of those skills that our students need to be familiar with for life! One way to spiral the skill of counting coins is to put it in a weekly math station. That way students are constantly practicing how to determine the value of a collection of coins. In A Cornucopia of Coins students are given a collection of coins. Students count the coins to find the total value shown. Then, students have an activity extension! They add a dime to the collection of coins to find the new total. This math stations practices counting coins and adding ten to a number!

Double Digit Addition Math Station

It is important for students to see addition problems in a variety of formats. For a Feast on Sums, students are shown two collections of place value blocks. Students find the equation that would match the picture shown. Then students add those two sets of place value blocks together to find the sum.

Skip Counting Math Station

Number patterns and skip counting tackle a lot of different skills. You need skip counting skills for counting coins, telling time, reading graphs, etc. In Just Foxin’ Around students are given a skip counting pattern. Students determine which two numbers would come next in the sequence after deciding which skip counting pattern is shown.

Telling Time Math Station

I know we are in a world of digital clocks, but telling time on analog clocks is one of those lifetime skills that students will need for, well… LIFE! In Turkeys on Time students are given a clock with that shows time to the half or quarter hour. Students determine the time that is shown. Then students will determine what time it will be in one hour.

FREE Sample Math Station

Want to see what these math stations are all about before taking the plunge? I get it! I have a FREE SAMPLE activity that shows exactly how the centers are set up. It’s one of those TRY before you BUY things!

comparing numbers math station

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