Math Focus Bulletin Board

Do you have a Math Focus Board in your classroom? Over the years, I have had several different math boards, but never one that encompassed everything I truly needed. After several requests from some of our Magic of Math teachers, I decided to create a Math Bulletin Board to share with you! I did create this with our Magic of Math curriculum in mind, but I also think it could work for anyone. Let me show you the board and what it includes before you download your FREEBIE!

Math Focus Board

The math bulletin board includes a banner that says “The Magic of Math” and bulletin board headers for different things you might want to display relating to your math content. You can see here that I chose to display the Objective, Vocabulary, Math Tips (for math focus posters), Activities, Math Games, and left a space for Math Anchor Charts.

math focus bulletin board

Plugging in the Content

Then I just plugged in the content for one week of math. This board focuses on 2 Digit Addition without Regrouping. I printed off the things from our 2nd Grade Magic of Math Unit 2 and displayed under the bulletin board headers.

magic of math focus bulletin board

Displaying Math Objectives

I don’t know about your admin, but around here most expect that teachers display the objectives for the week. I used the I Can Statements from our curriculum along with the vocabulary. I love how you can see all of the major focuses in one place. You could even add dry erase pockets or plastic sleeves so that you can easily slip the digital posters in and out.

magic of math focus board

The great thing about this bulletin board download is there are options to print in colored ink or black ink. If you choose the black and white templates you can print on colored paper that matches your classroom vibe!

Please Note: The download includes the banner and the headers. The weekly content is not included in the freebie.

The Math Curriculum

To find out more about Magic of Math click HERE! You can find the curriculum below:

1st Grade Magic of Math

2nd Grade Magic of Math

3rd Grade Magic of Math

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math bulletin board

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