Let’s Draw a Fox! FREEBIE!

I don’t think it’s any surprise that I love directed drawings.  I’ve been talking about this for a couple of years now on this blog of mine.  We even incorporate them into our Rooted in Reading units.
I had a lot of drawing ideas over the summer.  I’m a doodler BIG TIME.  So, I thought… why not compile some of my favorite doodles?!  I put together two drawings per month, 24 total.
For each drawing there are a few different writing pages that go along with the art piece.  Sometimes I do directed drawings to accompany a character study.  Other times I do them for a holiday.  Sometimes we do them just to do them!  They are a quick, easy activity that you can pull out when you have a few extra minutes!
10a75 slide1
Often times I use directed drawings as early finishers.  I just keep a file of directions and students can choose which one they want to draw.
Other times I will put them in a writing or art center.  It is minimal prep for me, but the students LOVE it!
 And sometimes we draw just to draw!  It offers a nice release for the students… plus it is normally peaceful which is an added bonus!
39594 slide4
 I’ve been obsessed with panda bears after watching Born In China!  I could seriously watch panda babies on TV all day long, ha!
 One more idea before I go!  Do you send home a compilation of work from throughout the year before school gets out?  It can be a lot of work to keep things, store them, and then organize it for all of your students.  With the drawings, you can use plastic sleeves or a folder.  Just keep them all together throughout the year and it will be such a nice gift to send home to the parents.  They will have a collection of their child’s art and writings from a whole year!
 For this portfolio, I just put ten page protectors together with ribbon.  I can add the drawings to it as we go!
If you are wanting to know more about the format and how the unit is put together, you are in luck!  I’ve created a Fox Freebie just for you!  You can click on the picture below to download your fox directed drawing and writing!
 You’ll find that my unit is set up exactly the same way as the freebie πŸ™‚
Oh, and if you need a reason to incorporate drawing into your day, I’ve got a wonderful quote for you!

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