End of the Year Activities

To finish the end of 2nd Grade, my students studied poetry. We had so much fun putting together our poetry books for Open House. I got several ideas from Beth Newingham‘s website. Here are a few examples of the poems that my students made throughout our Poetry Unit.
Here is Brooke’s Acrostic Name Poem (We hung these on our lockers instead of putting them in our actual poetry book) 87e97 classroom2b20112b133
After watching Brain Pop Jr.’s video on similes, my students created ice cream cones. Each scoop had a simile such as ice cream is as sticky as a ____, ice cream is as tasty as a _______. Some students chose to make very large ice cream cones, while others kept it simple.

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For some reason, I cannot get this picture to rotate! It’s driving me crazy! Anyways… my students made a butterfly and wrote a list poem about their insect! This also reinforced what they already learned in science about the butterfly life cycle!

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This next picture has nothing to do with poetry, but it was an End of the Year Activity. During our poetry unit, our school also took part in College and Career Week. Each student made themselves as a graduate and wrote about their future. They completed sentence stems such as, I will graduate high school in ___, After high school I want to go to ______. When I grow up I want to be a ______. 40310 classroom2b20112b124
Class of 2021!
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I am SOOO looking forward to seeing my students succeed in 3rd grade! It has been such a fabulous year!

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  1. We do acrostics too, but we write them to our friends. Each morning we write an acrostic poem for 3-4 friends as a group. Then I take all their poems and use them for an end of the year book.

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