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Draw a Bunny with Joelle and Israel

Happy Saturday! Today my kids are taking over! They wanted to show other kiddos how to draw a bunny. They made a plan, shot a video, and included all of the instructions!

directed drawing bunny 1

If you want to share this YouTube video with your students, you can send them this link: bit.ly/drawabunny

Let’s Draw a Bunny!

We have also been hard at work creating new directed drawings for you! I had kids give me recommendations on what I should draw. So, this is gong to be a pack of TEN of those recommendations! I am even trying something new where I record myself drawing the picture. I’ll let you know as soon as it is all finished. I’m going to keep the last three a surprise 🙂

Coming Soon

directed drawings coming soon 1

Directed Drawing Resources

You can find the Directed Drawing resources that I currently have by clicking below.

draw a bunny


In the download below you can grab the written instructions and writing printables to use with the bunny drawing.

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