Counting Coins

This year I started my money unit differently than normal.  In conversation, I realized that my students know the coin names and values and have a general idea of how to count coins.  They haven’t mastered counting a random collection of coins, but understand the process at least.
I like for my students to have a baggie of coins that we can use throughout our money unit.  Well, I never get these ready in advance because I’m a #slacker.  Instead of rushing around this morning to do so, I decided it would be great for my kiddos to make their own baggies.  They ended up having to identify the coins themselves, do a little sorting, and gather their own collection.  I used my large magnetic coins to model what their baggies needed.  
Saved me some time and my kiddos did a little learning all the while πŸ™‚
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We also made our coin flapbooks.  My original intention was to tackle a coin each day this week, but I decided to move forward and do it all at once.  Now my students have these to reference throughout the week if needed.
 On the inside we recorded minimal information… how to write the amounts in different ways.  I wanted to keep it simple with what they really needed to know.
 They are all glued into our math spirals and ready for the week!
 During math stations I pulled students back at my table to do a quick and simple assessment.  I asked my students to name the coin and tell me what it is worth.  I still had a little time, so I had a small group work on counting coins with pages from my Show Me What You Know! pack!
 So far it looks like we will have success with coin counting!  Let’s hope the rest of the week goes as smoothly, ha!

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  1. What do you do with your advanced kids? I have about 7 in my class that can count way beyond a dollar and all kinds of mixed coins and the rest of my class is struggling so I'm looking for advanced money activites for those 7,any ideas?thank you