Butterfly Activities with FREEBIES

Book: Farfallina and Marcel

Have you read Farfallina and Marcel? It’s a story about a beautiful friendship between a caterpillar and a gosling. They play together, go on rides in the pond, and just enjoy being with one another. Then one day, everything changes. Farfallina goes up into a tree for a very long time and emerges as a beautiful butterfly. Marcel grows and changes. They are unrecognizable. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens in their friendship.

Video of Read Aloud and Mini-lesson

Want to share this video with students? Here is a link: bit.ly/FarfallinaReadAloud

Character Activity

This book is one of our April stories from Rooted in Reading First Grade. In our teaching resource we focus on character traits and action. We dive deep into teaching how to identify and analyze character traits, but here is a quick activity that can be done with the story.

Students can describe both Farfallina and Marcel. They have a lot in common, but if you look closely you’ll notice several differences as well!

character trait activity butterfly

Here’s a look at how we teach this character trait lesson with Rooted in Reading. The class creates an anchor chart and discusses the character traits and actions.

farfalline and marcel rooted in reading 1

Butterfly Research

To make a nonfiction connection, students can research butterflies. Students locate information and record facts that were learned.

research butterflies butterfly facts 1

Butterfly Directed Drawing

Want to integrate a little art? Have students draw Farfallina. They can pair this with the character trait activity or with the information they gathered about butterflies.

directed drawing butterfly

Activities for YOU!

To find a complete teaching resource for Farfallina and Marcel click HERE. I also have a few FREEBIES for you that pair nicely the story. You’ll find a research sheet, butterfly drawing, fact sheet, writing printables, and character trait printable in the download.

farfallina and marcel butterfly activities 1

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butterfly activities classroom
butterfly activities

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