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Animal Research for Students

Do your kiddos love learning about animals as much as mine do? They cannot get enough. No matter their age, they just love reading, researching, and learning all about different animals. And I can’t blame them because I do too! Let me show you what we did and then I’ll share some freebies with you!

animal research websites 1

1. Choose an Animal.

First, they each chose an animal to focus on. I gave them an animal research sheet that has pictures and research links. Israel chose a rhino and Joelle chose a leopard.

students research animals find facts 1

2. Begin the Research

They had three websites or videos to use while learning about their animals. As they were watching the videos or reading the information, they jotted down notes on sticky notes. This helped give them a focus, but also a space to just “brain-dump.”

animal research sticky notes 1

3. Transfer Information Learned

After they had done their research, they transferred the information to their Animal Fact Sheet. I did set the expectation for quality work since we were taking our notes and presenting them as research!

animal research for kids leopard 1

We put it together in a file folder, but that isn’t necessary! I just like having everything in one place. The kids also enjoyed seeing all of their hard work together!

animal research for kids rhino

4. Draw the Animal

The last thing we did was draw our animals. My kids absolutely adore drawing, so I knew they would want to do this part! Joelle used a drawing that is in our 3rd Rooted in Reading April unit. I love how hers turned out!

animal research fact finder folders 1

I had never drawn a rhino before, so I was up for the challenge. It took me several tries, but I finally figured it out! Israel had to wait *not so* patiently for me to teach him, ha!

animal research draw a rhino 1

I love that both my first and fifth grade kiddos could enjoy this and work on it at the same time. They love a good project!

animal research for kids 1

Video Lesson and Read Aloud

For a read aloud about animals and a lesson on fact vs opinion, watch below! I also show students how to draw a rhino in the video.

Freebie for you!

Now I wanted to share this FREEBIE with you! You’ll find five animal research pages, the note-taking sheet, and the research printable in this download along with a directed drawing of a rhino! I hope your kiddos enjoy it as much as mine did.

directed drawing animal research rhino 1
animal research

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