5 Refreshing Spring Activities for The Classroom

5 spring activities to celebrate the new season.

There is nothing like the Spring season. There’s more sunshine, and warmer weather, and things just get a bit more colorful all around. But it’s also a time when things in the classroom start to feel in need of a refresh. As teachers, we may be dealing with the anxious countdown to Spring Break and students are just itching to get out of their seats. Insert Spring activities!

Well, since learning still has to happen, the best way to refresh the classroom is to add more colorful and fun Spring activities to your routine. Until you can get that break and time to reset away from the classroom, you can focus on bringing more change inside the classroom and in your lessons. 

With state testing around the corner, you will certainly need a break from all the rigorous skill practice. Swap it for a more gentle review, instead.

I’m talking flowers, rainbows, and pots of gold! Here are 5 Spring activities to add a little enjoyment back to your classroom this season plus a FREEBIE to get you started. 

Bonus: All of these activities make for a beautiful Spring display around the classroom!

Solve to Create a Rainbow

Rainbow math activity for solving word problems

Energy levels are HIGH for students during this time of year, so they need to get out of their seats – if you expect to keep any semblance of peace in the classroom! With Solve to Create, students will “race” to solve math word problems around the room.

The rainbow craft waiting for them at the end will keep them motivated to make it to the finish line! 

To play, students will be given 6 task cards that can be spread around a table or the classroom. At each station, students must solve a word problem to earn one piece of their rainbow. After they’ve answered each one correctly, they will have all the pieces they need to build their rainbow!

Not only does this activity have the perfect Spring theme, but it is also a wonderful way for students to practice essential skills as they gear up for testing. And with the Solve to Create a Rainbow activity, you can use editable templates to create problems or questions that align with any subject in which your students need extra review and practice.

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Types of Clouds

Types of clouds reading and STEM activity

Rainbows wouldn’t be complete without clouds! Spring is special because, with all its beauty, we can’t escape the rain. As we enter the latter part of the year, it’s time to amp up our STEM lessons.

And it’s a great time to introduce students to the various types of clouds. For this activity, students will be using cotton to recreate the look of each cloud type. Just use a cloud template and add paper strips in various colors to mimic the rainbow! Along the rays, students will create their clouds.

This hands-on Cloud Typing Spring activity is a fun craft for the kids and an effective way for students to practice modeling things they learn in real-time. Bonus points for it being an inexpensive way for students to create using unconventional classroom materials. 

For added interest, I like to pair this cloud study with the book Cloudette. Cloudette is the cutest, most inspiring story about a small cloud looking to make a big impact! It is perfect for comparing clouds’ impact on the weather but also, inspiring students that their size has no say on what they can do!

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Pot of Gold Fractions

St. Patrick's Day fractions Spring activity

Even if you don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the classroom, this Pot of Gold fractions activity will certainly get you and your students in the Spring spirit! I mean there has to be something waiting at the end of that rainbow, right?!

You’ll likely be heavy on review during the first couple of weeks of Spring as students gear up for testing and this activity makes for perfect practice, without the boredom that can come from repetitive worksheets.

I am a huge advocate for the fact that assessing students’ comprehension of a skill does not always require an official assessment. This is a wonderful way to do that.

With the Pot of Gold fractions resource, students will model and identify fractions using their “gold.”  Then craft a pot to hold all of their pieces!

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Solve to Create a Rabbit

Easter math activity for spring

Easter is an essential Spring holiday! I can’t resist the Easter egg hunts and, most of all, bunnies! Of course, bunny rabbits are out all throughout the year but they have certainly become an official status symbol for Spring. I know I certainly can’t resist seeing them hopping around! So, it’s only natural to use them as the centerpiece for a spring-themed activity.

Even if you or your students aren’t celebrating Easter, there is no harm in engaging in fun with rabbits!

Rabbits are at the center of our Solve to Create a Rabbit activity! Like the Solve to Create a Rainbow activity mentioned above, students will solve 6 problems to earn the pieces to create their very own bunny.

Themed units will always be of high interest and keep students engaged, plus active in their learning environment. Especially since they won’t even realize it over all the fun they will be having!

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Earth Day Flower

Earth day drawing and writing activity

Speaking of essential Spring holidays, if you are the least bit interested in nurturing our planet, then Earth Day should definitely be on your radar! Spring is the perfect season to celebrate Earth as more of its beauty emerges.

Your students’ little minds will appreciate learning more about nature all around them. Whether we like it or not, as teachers, we are actively involved in sharing certain universal values with our students. One of those values is helping to keep our Earth looking and functioning at its best!

To celebrate and reinforce that lesson, a directed drawing and writing prompt can go a long way.

I created this Earth Flower to help celebrate our planet. After or before students complete their drawing, they can use the writing page template to reflect on how they can help keep Earth thriving.

And they make a beautiful display for your classroom!

If you would like to use this Spring activity in your classroom, you can grab this FREEBIE inside my Free Resource Library. Just head to THIS post to access it. Inside you’ll also find a digital copy, just in case you are still going strong with virtual learning or have implemented tech time for your students.

Spring in the classroom can be busy and a bit tense. Give yourself and your students permission to loosen things up with any of these fun and refreshing themed Spring activities.

Don’t want to forget these 5 Spring Activities to celebrate Spring in the classroom? Save the image below for later!

5 spring activities to refresh your classroom routine.

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