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Workin’ On Word Problems

I’ve never really enjoyed teaching word problems.  I mean, they can be so stinkin’ difficult to get and let’s face it, they just aren’t fun to teach.  I can never find enough word problems that are written in a way that will cover the standards I need to address, or the wording is just all off.  So, I’m not gonna lie… solving word problems hasn’t always been a top priority of mine in the classroom.  We do them, but I tend to hold my students’ hands for far too long because I’m scared they will fail when working independently.  But, this year, I’ve noticed that my kids aren’t going to fail… they may not get it the first time, but if given the right tools they will get it eventually… maybe not every word problem they tackle, but the tools give them a means to at least get started.
So, after needing word problems for literally FIVE years, I decided to make a pack designed just for my kiddos.  Does it cover every single standard?  NO!  But, I have taken five concepts to start with, and hope to continue doing packs like this in the future to cover even more word problem types that address a variety of skills.  I had to start somewhere 🙂  So, let’s take a closer look at what I’ve included:
Each concept:  Basic Addition, Basic Subtraction, Word Problems with Extra Info, Regrouping, and Multi-Step Word Problems has TEN word problems.  So, that’s 50 pages that look like the ones below.  Print out the amount of pages you need for your class, cut into strips, and let your students glue into their math spirals OR onto scratch paper to solve.
Each concept also has a Scoot with EIGHT additional word problems.  So, that’s NINETY different word problems in all.  If you wanted to mix operations, you could take a couple problems from each category and spread them around the room, like shown below.  Or, just focus on one operation at a time like you’ll see in a minute!
Below you will see how each concept is broken down.  I’ve also included examples of the problems that we glue into our math spirals.  My way of solving problems may not be your cup of tea.  That’s what I love about this pack… I don’t tell you how to teach problem solving, I just give you some tools to implement in your classroom.  You can still teach the steps the way your school or district requires… or maybe the way that you’ve found successful in the past.  You’ll also see posters that I’ve included throughout the pack… resources to help drive those skills home!
For each concept, I did try to include a variety of difficulty levels and I worded each one very differently so that my students have exposure to a number of problems.  I took into account what I thought they could do independently, and then tried to stretch it a little further.  I always like my kids to show their work/thinking because it helps me see what’s going on in their sweet little brains!  Of course, that takes quite a bit of modeling at first, but once you get the ball rolling they will take off and surprise you!
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  1. This looks wonderful! I absolutely hate word problems too. Thanks for sharing all your hard work because I know that I don't have enough patience to create my own word problems.

  2. I was JUST telling a teammate last week how much I wished someone would make a word problem pack! I taught kinder the last two years and LOOOOOVED Deanna Jumps math journals, but couldn't find anything for 2nd! THANK YOU!!!!!

  3. I am doing my post degree diploma in Math right now at the Primary level and bought this pack for working on my Capstone course (my main project) and it has been great!! THANK YOU!!