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What We’re Up To Wednesday!

Well, it’s Wednesday, which means we are MORE than half way through the week.  I was a farmer for career day today… Too bad the hat and braids gave me a headache.  By the end of the day I just looked like a really oddly dressed teacher with overalls on.  But, I tried!
The temperatures have dropped here in a BIG way, so we are stuck inside… which makes for a LLLOOOONNNNGGGG week!  I don’t know how you people up north do it!!!
I knew that my students would not be able to handle ANY down-time today.  So, I jam-packed our day with lots of activities!
In math, my students made piggy banks to total their coins.  They really enjoyed decorating their little pigs… and I always love seeing the variety when they are finished!  You can get the piggy bank freebie HERE!  We used the printable coins from my money unit.
e1e72 money2b7
 Lots of colorful piggies!
We also did a little money word problem hunt with our partners.  The moving around the classroom really helped us stay active (with a purpose!)
We are also still working on identifying the main idea and details.  My students always love making these little hamburgers 🙂
 During reading groups, we read short stories and used a hand print to organize our main idea and details.  Afterwards, we glued these into our ELA spirals 🙂

 And, since it’s so cold outside, we might as well bring a little Christmas cheer to the inside!  My little family decorated for Christmas last night.  It’s pretty early, but we LOVE the Christmas season, so we drag it out as long as possible!!!
Now I’m off to Hobby Lobby (in my overalls…lovely!) to buy a few more things so I can put on the finishing touches 🙂  Happy Wednesday, friends!!!

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  1. My 2nd grade class follows all your activities for the money unit and I love them! They are really having a hard time with counting up by 5's and 10's when trying to add up their money. Do you have any pointers for helping the ones that are struggling? How can I really start to help them work on their counting up?